Thursday, December 06, 2012

This Time, I Didn't Laugh

I've seen this picture on Facebook often, and I chuckle each time it comes up.
I mean, how many of us mothers - if we're being honest - wouldn't say there have been days we've wished we really could...?

But I recently entered a home and saw this very quote on a picture hanging in the entry way. Initially, I was going to chuckle at the silliness of the idea. But then I thought, How do the children who live in this home feel when they see that picture?
I don't know. Maybe the kids in that home have an exceptional sense of self-worth, and are incredibly confident in their mother's love. I hope so!
Maybe they're mature enough to understand the humor behind the statement, and realize their mother would never really want to keep them out.
But what if they don't?
What if they aren't?
What if that funny quote actually causes those children to feel like their home would be a happier place if they weren't a part of it?

Those questions in my mind kept me from laughing at the picture this time. Made me consider the importance of the messages we send our kids. Even if unintentionally.

I'm all for us moms sharing a laugh with one another. We need to know we aren't alone in our struggles, and I think laughing at them (the struggles, that is!) is a healthy way to relieve stress.
But decorating our homes that way?
I think there are better options.

Am I over-reacting?


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