Tuesday, May 03, 2016

When it isn't "Ladies' Choice"

Saturday afternoon Brian suggested we should all go see a movie that night.
I didn't recognize the names of most of what's showing, and wasn't interested in the one or two I did recognize. So I clicked on Mother's Day to watch the trailer. It looked OK to me. I was sure it would evoke some laughter from us all. Hence I cast my vote.
But I was quickly out-voted by the guys in my house - who all wanted to see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Can I just say, action films are not my cup of tea? While I may have watched Superfriends when I was a kid, spending 151 minutes viewing grown men dressed in superhero costumes - doing whatever it was they were going to be doing - did not sound compelling to me.
However, wanting to go to the movies with all my guys, and realizing I was not likely to get Josh and Matthew to agree to a "romantic comedy," I reluctantly consented to Batman. (And I consoled myself with the knowledge that I could get popcorn.)

OK, maybe if I knew more about Batman and Superman - or perhaps if I had been educated on the backstory of this movie - I would have had an understanding of what was happening. As it was, I got lost trying to follow characters and decipher conversations. And I could tell Brian was getting tired of me asking him what was going on. So eventually I just gave in to biding my time while I munched on popcorn. To me, the movie was over two and a half hours of fast cars, flying machines, fight scenes, and explosions. No wonder they liked it so much. *wink*
Nevertheless, I had a smile on my face as we left the theater - because it felt like a great accomplishment that I'd had a "date" with all my guys.

P.S I did feel slightly disappointed after the movie to have remembered that part of it was filmed on MSU's campus. Because I forgot to look for our local spot's cameo. And that would have been so fun to see. But, it isn't so important to me that I'm going to watch the movie again, just to find it. *ahem*


Monday, May 02, 2016

Tell Yourself the Truth

I recorded this video before going into work last week. And on my drive in, a song came on the radio which reminds me of the subject of the discouragement to which I refer here. I started praying about the issue and thanking God for reminding me AGAIN of His Truth. And just like that, He showed me how the scriptures I'd just shared in this video spoke to my present situation. Yes, the scriptures I had selected "randomly."
Oh, how I love it when He shows His faithfulness so clearly.

May you be blessed by His goodness and Truth today!


Friday, April 29, 2016

Tee Hee at GLC

OK, so I'm tweaking this week's post a bit.
While I usually write about something touching which happened at work - with the hopes of inspiring us all to look for ways in our lives that we might demonstrate TLC - today I want to share a moment from this week which really just made me laugh.

I was at work Sunday afternoon when one of our new ladies was escorted into the building by someone who had taken her to church. Because she is still learning her way around the building, I offered to walk her back to her apartment. When we got there and went inside, she asked me about a message on her phone which was advising her to check the connection. The phone had no dial tone, so I did some looking around and discovered it wasn't properly connected. However, after I had plugged the line into the wall-jack there was still no dial tone.
I ended up on the phone (My cellphone, that is.) talking to Comcast in an attempt to find out if she had phone service from them. After much ado and phone calls to her sons, we got our answer: Phone service is forthcoming. And, in the meantime, she is to rely on her cellphone.

Her cellphone seemed to have problems. That is, when I called it with mine it wasn't ringing. I noticed, however, that the screen lit up when my call came in so I knew there was a connection somewhere. And decided to check her sound settings.
Sure enough, it was set to "vibrate". So I switched it to ring, rather than vibrate. Then I called the phone with mine, to make sure it would ring.
It did. :)

The ring volume was too low for her to hear well.
So, I adjusted it to "high".
And I called it again to assure everything was good.
It was.

When we were talking on our phones, she discovered she was having a hard time hearing me. So I adjusted the volume for the ear-piece until it was at the appropriate level for her.

When all was said and done, one of her friends (who had come over while I was on the phone with Comcast) indicated the adjustments I had made to the cellphone and said with a chuckle, "Isn't it nice to have young people around who know how to use these things??!!"
I gave a hearty laugh, and asked her - please - to reference me in a statement like that to my kids.
Imagine me, a "young person" who knows "how to use these things."
And I don't even have a smart phone!!! *grin*


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When HE Speaks into My Frustration

I have just about had all I can take of my dog, I'm tellin' ya.

She has a bad habit of peeing on the carpeting. And laying on the couch when we aren't home. (Or when we're sleeping.) And I know she's been on the couch because her fur is all.over.it.
OK. I guess those are her only transgressions.
But they're driving me NUTS!
I mean, I am the one who cleans up after her and it's getting OLD.


Furthermore, Brian and I would like to get new carpeting in our home. But there is NO WAY we're doing it as long as Mindy is still around. Because if we put in new carpet, and she pees on that? Oh, I would get so angry!
So, I have noticed over the past month, or so, that I have been feeling less and less affection for that doggy.
And then something happened in my heart last night.
Brian and I were in the kitchen and I was complaining about another "accident" she had on the carpeting yesterday morning. In a semi-joking manner Brian asked, "Shall we put 'er down?" I probably elbowed him as I responded, "Of course not!" But we proceeded to bemoan her faults.
Then I looked at her, laying on the floor - head resting on her paws - with sad eyes looking up at us. I said wistfully, "I remember when she was a puppy and I just loved her so much," as I recalled the times she would snuggle on my lap and listen to me reading the Bible.

And that's just about the moment it happened.

God spoke to my heart through that annoying dog, just like He used to when she was a sweet puppy. I looked at Brian and I said, "Wow. I sure am glad God's love for me doesn't change according to my behavior and adorability." (Yes. I totally made up that word!) And I went on to mock myself with what He might say if His love were fickle like mine can be.

Whoa! Look at what Karen did. Lost her temper again and now I have to clean up her mess. Again.

Oh, she didn't! Another episode of not knowing what to do. And she wants ME to help.

Really, Karen? Must we go over this again? Can't you just trust Me the first time around?

I thought about God's gracious, unconditional love. I thanked Him for not loving me based upon what I do, or how cute I am. But because He has chosen to love me. Because loving humankind is His heartbeat. Oh, how thankful I am!

Then I bent over a brushed a clump of dog hair off my jeans which Mindy had left there when she leaned against me. Did I mention she sheds like a maniac? Ugh. I am sick of cleaning up after that dog!

*ahem* Sometimes lessons take a while to sink in for me.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Survive Motherhood

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.

~1 Chronicles 16:11
Yesterday morning I was thinking about dwelling on agonizing over a particular struggle I am having with a certain teenager in my house. You know how it goes - when you find yourself questioning everything, wanting to get it right, fearing that you never will. So, as I walked over to my dresser to put on my earrings I flipped my calendar to the new day and found the verse above staring at me.

And I thought, Yeah. That sounds like what I need to do!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Women's Listening Retreat

Follow this link to my website for more information and to register.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the video...If you want to take a walk with me during our free-time at the retreat, I'll show you the spot where Brian proposed marriage to me on April 25, 1992. *swoon*


Friday, April 22, 2016


One of my special friends at GLC is a man who used to live in Mexico. With my (very!) limited Spanish I enjoy greeting him, and try to have short conversations. Of course, I have told him all about Elizabeth - and I plan to bring her in to GLC to meet him when she gets home. So they can both savor a good Spanish conversation.
One of the things this man and I usually end up discussing is Mexican cuisine. Oh, he gets very animated and happy when he talks about his favorite foods. By listening to him speak in detail about ingredients and processes, and by watching his hands as he pantomimes adding spices to the dish he's describing, it is easy to determine that he has prepared more than a few of these delicacies in his day. And in the midst of one such description this week, I got the idea that we should have him prepare one of his dishes for our Cinco de Mayo celebration.
I shared the idea with my supervisor, and she's on board.
Now we just need to look into the logistics to see if we can really make it happen.
And this prospect has me very excited. Not only because I might be able to taste some authentic Mexican food. But because I just cannot wait to see how pleased my friend will be when he has the opportunity to "get in the cocina" and cook. If you could see the way his face lights up every time he starts describing one of his favorite recipes - you would feel my joy, too.

What a delight it will be to see him full of such elation.

Is there someone in your life who has a special hobby or passion? Why not show them some TLC by finding a way for them to engage in that activity in the coming days?