Thursday, October 01, 2020

Come, LORD

That short phrase keeps rolling off my tongue.
Keeps flowing from my heart.
Come, LORD.
Come closer!
We need You!!!

Oh, the need is everywhere. It screams at me wherever I look!
We are in desperate need of healing - spiritual, racial, relational, physical... It keeps going and growing, and my heart aches for God. For His move in our world.
Because all I'm seeing is brokenness.
And HE is the only One I know who can bring wholeness.
I am certain you're seeing it, too, right? The battle between political parties, the racial tension, the fight over how/what history is to be taught, arguments over what history is actually correct, opposition regarding people and policies, and anger towards individuals who will - or will not - wear a mask. In tweets, Facebook posts, television "news" reports, and any of a plethora of online formats it seems everyone is contributing to the clash and deepening the divide between brothers and sisters in these United States.
And it's got to stop. The hostility MUST stop.
We cannot survive - as a nation, or as individuals - like this.

But how? How can we make the changes which are necessary to make in order to heal from our past, and go forward to a healthy future?
It seems impossible.
Because each member in the quarrel believes he/she is 100% correct and their opponent is 100% wrong. And it seems nobody is willing to entertain an idea which has come from the "other side" because, heaven forbid anyone should do anything which resembles compromise or submission.

So we're left at an impasse. Everyone knowing something's gotta give.
But no one willing to give.
And I find myself on my knees, even on my face, begging God to come and heal our land.
No. Our hearts.
We need a transformation of hearts in our land. Because no amount of land-physical-COVID-or-otherwise healing is going to do any good until our hearts have been renewed.
Oh, I want to understand the issues. I'm trying interpret the stories and decipher the positions, feelings, and biases. And I have come across some helpful things. God has allowed my eyes to be opened to perceptions I have not seen before. And I am so thankful!
But while all these things are transpiring in my mind, as I take in the brokenness around me I remain convinced our only hope is a miraculouse work and move of God in our collective hearts.
And so I continue calling.
Come, LORD.


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