Friday, April 29, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Hand motions aren't just for kids!

I've told you before about C. She's one of my (many) favorite residents at Edgewood. Well, recently I was in her apartment and noticed that she has quite a collection of CDs. But since she doesn't know how to use her CD player, she didn't even know she had them. So we sat down and started looking at her collection.
I got excited when I saw the Michael W. Smith Worship CD. Told C I have the same CD, and asked if I could come back some time to listen to it with her.
She said I could. *grin*
So the next day...
After her lunch, C and I went back to her apartment to listen to music. I helped her put in the Michael W. Smith CD and chose a couple of my favorite songs to share with her. C was enjoying the music, but she didn't know the words so she really couldn't sing along.
Then, Open the Eyes of my Heart came on.
We often sing this one in Sunday school, so I know hand motions to it. They're super easy and I decided it would be fun to teach them to C. As the music played, she followed my lead and we went through the song with hand motions.

Oh, I wish you could have seen the smile on her face.

It was beautiful.

Honestly? I don't even know how old C is. I'm guessing she's in her 80s. But as I sat there with her that day, enjoying the music and the goodness of God, I realized her age doesn't matter. She was having such a good time, it was clear to me - Hand motions aren't just for kids!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mary Poppins Was Right

Do you remember this bit of wisdom from Mary Poppins?

I recently saw it played out.
In the most delightful way! *wink*

We have some ornamental grasses along the side of our yard, which need to be cut down and bagged every fall or spring.
I'm sure you'll be shocked to know I didn't get it done in the fall. So, that meant it needed to be done this spring.
For the past few weeks, every time I looked out the window I thought to myself, I really need to get those grasses cut down.
And then I thought some more, I hate doing that job by myself. I don't want to do it! *hmph*
Until one day, I got the bright idea to ask Brian to help me with it. I knew it wouldn't be as painful as doing it alone, and it would give me the accountability I needed to get to work.
Reluctantly, he agreed.

So I grabbed some clippers and we went outside. I asked Brian to hold the top of the grass while I cut at the base.

It was slow going.

Then Brian got a bright idea! He went into the garage and emerged with a saw. A power saw, that is. And you wouldn't believe how fast those grasses got cut when Brian came at them with his power tools.
I got busy bagging, and Brian ran off to cut more grass. He was having a blast! In fact, I think he was finished cutting all the grasses before I had even finished bagging the first pile.
Oh, what a difference it was when he got to use a power tool!

So, yeah. A spoon full of sugar, or a power tool. Either way, it makes the work more bearable. *wink*


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Medieval Times

So, one night while we were at Myrtle Beach, we went to this place called Medieval Times. It.was.awesome!
I didn't have to cook dinner. There were horses which held Elizabeth's attention. Jousting and fighting which the boys loved. And we all ate with our fingers, which I think Brian secretly enjoyed. *wink*
Seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to go to this place (There are several around the country, and even one in Canada.) you should. It's kinda pricey, but so worth it!

We were seated in the section designated to cheer for the 'blue knight' and after the show we joined the line of people who wanted to meet him and get a picture.
We'd been given cardboard crowns to where upon arrival, and several kids were asking the knight to sign their crown. Matthew liked the idea and followed suit.
Joshua started saying that he was going to jump into the knight's arms to pose for the picture, but I didn't believe he'd really do it. Instead, when it was our turn to talk with him - and after Matthew got his crown signed - Joshua said, "Will you sign my cheek?"
The poor knight didn't know what to do. He replied, "Gee. No one has ever asked me to do that before." He stood with his pen in his hand, seemingly not sure if he should really write on this kid's cheek. And I stood there laughing harder than anyone else, thankful I'd used the restroom before dinner. I don't know where he comes up with these things!
Ultimately, our 'blue knight' decided it would be OK to sign Joshua's cheek, and then the kids posed with him for a picture.
For reasons beyond my understanding, I cannot get this picture to be any larger. But if you look closely, you can see Joshua proudly displaying his freshly signed cheek.

Like I said yesterday, there's never a dull moment with that kid! *wink*


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Chat with Joshua

We drove through the night to get to Myrtle Beach. One of our saving graces was our phones, and our ability to text.
That is, the kids spent lots of the final hours chatting with their friends.
And then Joshua and I got into it a bit. I thought you might enjoy listening in...

Joshua: i can see you!
(His eyes were closed.)
Me: Can u c me when ur eyes r closed?
No but my eyes and (sic) closed. it just looks that way to throw u off.
Yes. exactly. my knoledge is was to strong for you! my teachers edjimacated me:)
That's great. But they forgot to teach you how to spell! hahaha

Yeah that was the point! i meant to spell it, that or my grammar teach stinks. in a good way ya know...
is there a good way?...

Nopeee. you take a long time to respond
maybe becuz im not as cool as u
and maybe becuz i was sending another text :P

You got that right, but still and learn how to spell because
do u want 2 finish that thought? it didnt make sense

At this point we had a verbal conversation and Joshua explained that he meant I should learn how to spell the word, 'because'. I came back by explaining that I was trying to be 'cool' like him by abbreviating.

Ya sure my homie lets tlk chat & c how long u last gurrl
ok then well write formal essays and c how long U last hahaha
bring it gurl.
but u cant do dings like i do. ya c i told u.
ur weird
Yep thats meee. well wanna do the formal essay? ill send one.
Uh, no. You don't send formal essays. You write them on paper. In paragraph form. IN CURSIVE.
Yeah. Bring it!

Okay, so one bright sunny day a little girl named karen was walking down the beach. little did she know that she was being watched. not by a person, but by a TERIDACTLE! (a flying bird dinasaur.) after hours of stalking her, it swooped down and with one whoosh it picked up little helpless karen. but luckily the handson strong and unstopible joshua hossink. with one slash of his sword the bird fell down and died. then karen was falling 100000000 feet at 185 miles per hour, and josh quickly threw a trampoline under her and he saved her life. then she was very greatful so she gave him $100,000,000,000 and anything else he wanted, and he lived hapily ever after. the end. and no way am i writing this out in cursive.
OK. Correct the spelling and punctuation and I'll let the cursive go. *wink*
Nopee. bedtime. byee
sleep well
and keep ur feet down

I'm telling you, there's never a dull moment with him.
I'll give you another example tomorrow! *grin*


Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

What HE Said - Part 4

"It is finished."

John 19:30

With that he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. (Jn. 19:30)
Jesus had been betrayed, handed over to the Gentiles, mocked, insulted, spit on, flogged, and hung on a cross.
He suffered.
He bled.
And finally, He died.

But as I reflect on what HE said, I don't believe Jesus' words were about His suffering being finished. Though it is true - His suffering was finally over - I believe the it to which Jesus was referring was His mission.
The reason Jesus came to earth was to pay the price for our sin, that we might be reconciled in our relationship with God.
Our sin deserved death.
But because of God's great love for us - because of His desire that we be in a relationship with Him - He didn't want us to have to pay the price for our sin. God didn't want us to be eternally separated from Himself.
So He sent Jesus to take our place.
Jesus suffered and died, so we wouldn't have to.
Jesus suffered and died, so we could be forgiven and restored to a right relationship with God the Father.

When Jesus suffered and died, He paid the price for our sin. That was His mission.
And now? It is finished.
There is nothing more for us to do - only believe in Jesus, and receive the salvation He offers.

If you have never prayed and asked God to forgive you through the blood of Jesus, if you have never confessed your need for a Savior and asked Jesus to come into your life as that Savior, I want to invite you to do that today. Simply tell Him that you know you are a sinner in need of a Savior. Tell Him you know He is that Savior - that there is no other. And ask God to forgive you through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. For you. Invite Him into your life and receive with joy the gift of eternal life He longs to give you.

On the third day he will rise again.

Luke 18:33

Happy Easter, everyone.

Thank You, Jesus!!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

What HE Said - Part 3

"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" - which means, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Matthew 27:46

For quite some time this statement confused me. God promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Why, then, would He forsake His own Son - when His Son needed Him the most?
But one day, as a friend and I were thinking about this together, I felt I finally understood.
Just think about it!
What happened on the cross?
Jesus took upon Himself all the sin of the world. Past, present, and future.
He became sin, so that He could pay the penalty we owed.

And a holy God cannot be in the presence of sin.
That's why we were not fit for heaven. Our sin separates us from Him.

So when Jesus took our sin upon Himself, God had to forsake Him.
God couldn't be with Jesus. Because of the sin.
Because of my sin.

And so these words of Jesus' give me confidence that HE did, indeed, become sin on my behalf. Jesus took on our sin.

Why else would God forsake Him?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What HE Said - Part 2

"For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost."

Luke 19:10

These are the words Jesus spoke after Zacchaeus put his faith in Him. On Jesus' way to Jerusalem - where He would be betrayed and beaten and killed - and where He would rise again on the third day - He stopped to visit with Zacchaeus.
The dirty, rotten, cheating, tax-collecting, no-good scoundrel Zacchaeus.


Why - in the middle of this all-important mission - would Jesus stop to visit a guy like that???

Nobody liked him. Everybody hated him. He was a sinner, for crying out loud!

Hmmmm. Romans 3:23 is coming to mind.
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

That includes all those folks who didn't like Zacchaeus. It also includes me. And you.
All of us. We're all lost. We all deserve death.

Yet we are not without hope.

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."

That's what HE said!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What HE Said - Part 1

Welcome to my mini-series, What HE Said.
It is my prayer that these reflections on Jesus' words this week will aid in drawing you closer to Him, as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection this weekend.
So...let's take a look at What HE Said.

"We are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the Son of Man will be fulfilled. He will be handed over to the Gentiles. They will mock him, insult him, spit on him, flog him and kill him. On the third day he will rise again."
Luke 18:31-33

Can you imagine that???

Can you imagine taking a trip with your best friends, knowing before it ended you were going to be betrayed, beaten, humiliated, and killed?
Jesus knew.
He'd heard about, read about it, likely dreamed about it.
It was His destiny.

Since the first sin of man in the garden of Eden, we had been in need of a Savior. Nothing we did could bridge the gap between God and us.
Jesus was now living out God's plan for redeeming mankind.

And he talked with his friends about it. "Hey, guys. This little trip we're taking? It isn't going to be like any of the others we've been on together. This one's gonna change the course of history."
Our history of sin.
The punishment of death we deserved.
An eternity separated from a holy God.
All of it was about to be changed because of Jesus being handed over. And killed. And because of the third day.

"On the third day he will rise again."

That's what HE said.

And it changed everything.

I hope you can take a moment today to reflect on that thought, and give thanks to God for His great love.

Love to you,


Monday, April 18, 2011