Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mary Poppins Was Right

Do you remember this bit of wisdom from Mary Poppins?

I recently saw it played out.
In the most delightful way! *wink*

We have some ornamental grasses along the side of our yard, which need to be cut down and bagged every fall or spring.
I'm sure you'll be shocked to know I didn't get it done in the fall. So, that meant it needed to be done this spring.
For the past few weeks, every time I looked out the window I thought to myself, I really need to get those grasses cut down.
And then I thought some more, I hate doing that job by myself. I don't want to do it! *hmph*
Until one day, I got the bright idea to ask Brian to help me with it. I knew it wouldn't be as painful as doing it alone, and it would give me the accountability I needed to get to work.
Reluctantly, he agreed.

So I grabbed some clippers and we went outside. I asked Brian to hold the top of the grass while I cut at the base.

It was slow going.

Then Brian got a bright idea! He went into the garage and emerged with a saw. A power saw, that is. And you wouldn't believe how fast those grasses got cut when Brian came at them with his power tools.
I got busy bagging, and Brian ran off to cut more grass. He was having a blast! In fact, I think he was finished cutting all the grasses before I had even finished bagging the first pile.
Oh, what a difference it was when he got to use a power tool!

So, yeah. A spoon full of sugar, or a power tool. Either way, it makes the work more bearable. *wink*



TheUnSoccerMom said...

Power tools are pretty cool! I'm just not allowed to use them. hahah :o)

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - Confession: I'm kinda afraid of them. But since Brian likes power tools so much, it really works out OK. He'd rather use them than have me use 'em. *wink*

gianna said...

hheee heeheheheheheheheh!
Men and their tools! Even unnecessary ones! that is so funny!

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - Tools, toys...It's all the same, right? *wink*