Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Day I Became a Queen

Last Friday I came home from work and - after I changed out of my uniform - I asked Foster (that's what I'm going to call our foster son in my blog posts) if he wanted to go on a walk with me. It was a nice day and I thought he would enjoy getting outside. So we put on our shoes and coats and started out on an adventure.
I thought it would be fun to walk over to the elementary school where my boys used to attend, and spend some time on the playground. And as we walked we talked about all sorts of things. (Mostly Batman, though, if I recall correctly. Because Foster loves Batman. And somehow every conversation seems to come back to the Dark Knight.)

When we arrived at the playground we went to the swings. We needed to sit and rest a minute because of the running we'd just done. Then we tried out the balance beam and monkey bars. And I totally impressed Foster with my ability to climb up a tall pole. (I was kinda impressed, myself. Because I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it!) Finally, we made our way over to a structure with slides and ladders and bridges and stuff.
It was on this structure that I became a queen.
Foster introduced the idea of pretending the structure was a castle and I, its queen. And he took on the roles of knight, squire, and king. I enjoyed watching him quickly transform from one character to another, and particularly delighted in the moment when he - as king - took me to a ball. We waltzed around the grass and I showed him how to spin me under his arm. He was quite pleased with his ability to dance. (Not sure kings and queens perform the Mexican Hat Dance at royal balls, but I showed him how to do that, too!)
With the final *clap* *clap*, however, things in the kingdom took a turn for the worse.
Somebody invaded the castle and we had to flee.
Fortunately, there was another structure on the playground which was able to serve as an alternate castle. So we ran to it.
UNfortunately, the villans attacking the first castle saw us running and chased us.
Double-fortunately, the playground had a third structure which could act as our castle.
So we ran to that one.
Double-UNfortunately, the villans chased us as we fled to that one, too.
In a last-ditch effort to escape the villans, we ran to the first castle.
And super-duper-fortunately, when we got back to the first castle Foster turned into SpiderMan!!!
At that point, I thought all our problems had ended. But I was wrong. Something very strange happened to SpiderMan and he began to turn on the queen. He accused me of doing nothing but wearing fancy dresses and going to balls. *gasp!*
So I reminded him (in the slightly annoying, quasi-British-a-little-bit-Scottish accent of the queen) that's what queens do. It went something like this: Pardon me, sir, but all you do is run around fighting villans. Because you're a super-hero, and that's what super-heros do. Well, I am a queen. And we wear fancy dresses and go to balls!
The next thing I knew, Spidey made his famous hand gesture and shot a web right at my face.
He webbed my mouth shut!
I continued protesting his behavior, but this time it went a little more like this: Mmmmm, mmmm. Mmm! MMMMM! And for the next several minutes we went back and forth between the queen getting webbed in place so SpiderMan could paint the castle blue and red, and Spidey cutting off the mouth web so she could speak - only to web it again when he wanted her to be quiet.
It was quite a hilarious scene.
But then it was time to go home so I could begin making dinner.
As we walked, Foster and I continued our role-play - and my enjoyment carried on with us. It was so much fun to see his imagination at work as he added to the story. I fully delighted in playing along. When we were almost home, Spidey pulled out his (imaginary) cell phone and started texting someone. I (the queen) asked for the indentity of the person with whom he was speaking and got super, SUPER excited when he told me it was Elsa! He texted a message to convey how much I admired her singing and how pleased I was to have a personal interaction with her. I then learned that SpiderMan and Elsa are in love, and are probably going to get married. It was such an exciting discovery.
But I was sworn to secrecy.
No one must know of this love affair.
At first I was disappointed that I couldn't tell anyone. Then I remembered it was all make-believe. SpiderMan and Elsa don't even know each other.
But later that evening I came across this picture - and I wondered if Foster's story just might be true!


Friday, March 27, 2020

It's My Pleasure

When we recieved orders Monday to shelter in place, I figured that meant no more Chick-fil-A until further notice.
But then the email arrived from the boss which confirmed: we are considered "critical infrastructure" by the state. I thought, How cool? We're essential! And as I shared that thought with a guest in the drive-thru Wednesday, she agreed. "You're essential to my family. That's for sure!"
Oh, things are different.
The dining room is closed and interactions with guests are shorter and more distant. (Of couse!)
But we're doing what we can to continue touching lives and lifting hearts.

And, truly, I love seeing that same spirit all over the world right now.
Men and women sacrificially serving on the front lines - in hospitals, stores, and other industries.
People reaching out (virtually via the internet, with drop and run episodes, and otherwise).
Groups coming together to support one another with platforms like Zoom and Facebook.
People praying, and sharing encouraging words.
I especially love a picture I saw recently of young girls in Africa placing their hands on a map of the world - praying for all of us.
What I mean is, we're all essential.
Every single one of us.
In whatever way we're called to serve in this season.

I'll be at Chick-fil-A for a good portion of the day today, donning rubber gloves and keeping my distance as I do my best to share encouragement within each interaction. Wherever you find yourself as the day goes on, may you find delight in the essential things HE lays before you.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Peace in the Midst of It

Oh, how quickly things can change.

Monday I was at the grocery store getting, uh, groceries. I pulled my phone out of my purse while I was standing in the check-out lane and saw a message asking me to "call when you have a minute." Figuring I had at least a minute until it would be time for me to put my items on the belt, I made the call.
Which is when I learned that our governor had just issued a shelter-in-place order for Michigan.
Which meant we had a decision to make about our house guest.
That is, Brian and I are in the process of becoming foster parents and are presently hosting a boy who needs a new foster family. He's been transitioning on a few-days-at-a-time basis so he could get used to us, but the governor's order necessitated that this boy either go back - or stay - for the next 15 days.
Our hearts were blessed tremendously by his enthusiastic deisre to stay.
But that meant - within a matter of an hour - I went from "able-to-come-and-go-as-I-please" (albeit cautiously, finitely, and less often than I typically would) to "shelter-in-place."
With a young boy (who is adorable, but also very needy).
For the next two weeks.
(Or more, as additional decisions and proclamations are made.)
And can I just say? The past 36 hours have been a perfect mix of moments-more-precious-than-I-could-have-hoped, and oh-boy-this-is-gonna-test-my-limits.

As I've thought about it, I imagine I am not the only one who is feeling this way. I trust that all of us who are facing by-the-minute changes are experiencing a wide array of thoughts and feelings. Some which delight, and others not so much. So in the midst of it, may I encourage you to cling to the promise found in Philippians 4:6-7?

6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Because I am convinced: The only way I am going to survive the endless wave of changes, the constant flow of questions, the perpetual need for reassurance, the plethora of the-world-is-coming-to-an-end news stories, and the continual requests for help (not to mention trying to counsel and comfort feelings a little boy shouldn't have to experience) is by laying it all at HIS feet and trusting HIM to help.
I know that God is faithful. And when I trust in Him, I know His peace will guard me.
What a blessed assurance I have in HIM.
I pray the same for you, my friend.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020

It's My Pleasure

My joy in working at Chick-fil-A comes not only from the work, the guests, and the atmosphere.
It also comes from the man for whom I work.
His name is Nick, and I admire him for so many reasons.
Besides his kindnesses which I love seeing during the good days, our current crisis situation is highlighting the goodness of his heart.
Tuesday I received an email from Mr. Nick which was sent out to all employees. In addition to being a message to inform us about matters of business and to remind us about health policy guidelines, it was an encouragement to make a difference in our Chick-fil-A world. He wrote, "I also wanted to remind you that now more than ever we have the opportunity to make days better for our guests and community. We get to be a bit of “NORMAL” in a very abnormal world right now... Let’s be the KINDEST most CARING that we can be today."
I read that statement and I thought, Yes. Thanks, Mr. Nick, for pointing us to what we can do to bring a bit of peace to the people in our world.
And my positive impression of him was reinforced.
But it was the short survey the email asked us to complete which nearly brought me to tears.
The first question asked how many hours we need to work in order to meet our financial obligations. It included options to give up some of our shifts in order for someone else to get the hours they need. There was an open ended question giving us the opportunity to let Mr. Nick know anything we want to share with him about our financial situation. And the final question asked if we have any needs (food, clothing, household items) which Mr. Nick and CfA management could seek to help us meet.
As I answered the survey questions the thing which stuck out to me was Mr. Nick's care and concern for his employees. While he is facing the very real possiblity that his business is going to take a serious hit, he is thinking about us. Rather than a nicely worded message expressing the sad reality that we're facing a hard time and he wishes there was something he could do, but... He reminded us that we're all in this together. He gave us the opportunity to sacrifice for one another, and he offered to help us in our need. This man embodies the love of our Savior.
And I am honored to work for him.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Corona Thoughts

I was on the schedule to teach the lesson at chapel tonight at the women's mission.
But "In light of the growing concerns of the spread of COVID-19" chapel services have been cancelled until further notice, so that close contact within group settings may be limited.

On the fourth Sunday of the month I always go to a local assisted living facility to lead a church service.
But they "aren't having any visitors, Bible study, church or live music at this time."

I was scheduled to speak for a MOPS group on April 1.
But "Following guidance from the governor, the Macomb County Health Department, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services...we are canceling all of our MOPS meetings due to the potential spread of Coronavirus."

I know I am not the only one affected by numerous cancellations and changes in plans.
We're all in this together.
I also know it is easy to become disappointed, disturbed, and even angered by the elimination of so many things which we feel we need, require, must have, and can't live without. While I have been dealing with my own feelings of letdown, however, I have also been gifted by God with hope. In the midst of the frustration, HE has been speaking faith.
That is, His Spirit is beckoning mine to wonder things like, What if this virus isn't actually going to be the end of us? What if God has plans, rather, to use the entire situation for our good???
To be honest, I do have sincere concerns beyond the virus, itself. I mean, what is going to happen to our economy? I look at everything closing down, people not working yet still needing to earn money because they're still living - and living costs money - and I wonder, How are we going to make it? I think of my boss at Chick-fil-A, and business owners like him, and I wonder how deep of an economic impact these closings are going to have on them.
Even things like the movies.
I just saw "I Still Believe" (Which is really good, by the way. Really, REALLY good! As in, you should go see it when we're finsihed with this whole social distancing thing and the movie theaters open back up.) and I think, Man, what a bummer. The timing of that release and this pandemic. And I wonder what the economic impact will be for the movie makers.
Yet, in the middle of my questioning there HE is lifting my head, causing me to ponder a different thought. It's like He's asking me, Karen, dear, do you believe I am still on My throne? Do you trust Me? Do you have faith that I am in control and that I can take this circumstance - which the world sees as a tragedy - and use it for the good of mankind and the glory of the Godhead? Do you, dear one? Do you? Because I am. And I can. I will.
So with HIS assurance, with confidence that my Father can be trusted, my heart has begun to beat with a different rhythm. I am still asking Him to bring an end to the spread of the Coronavirus. I will continue to pray for healing of the sick and peace for the frightened. My petition remains that He would halt the devastation. But I am surrendering to the reality that there may be something good which HE will work from this trouble. I am believing God may use the pain of loss, the fear of uncertainty, even the discomfort of scarcity to humble us and draw us closer to Himself. Indeed, that is my hope and prayer.
Father, even though I cannot see and I do not understand, please use this earthly struggle for Your kingdom purpose. Work in us that which is pleasing to You!


Monday, March 16, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020

It's My Pleasure

What do you call it when you're at work and - for three straight hours - you don't get a chance to take an iota of a break to catch your breath, or grab a drink, or stretch your back, or anything but serve the individuals who keep coming to you for help?
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm calling it the best day ever!
Seriously, that is exactly what happened one week ago, today. Some of it had to do with a convention of sorts happening with the Future Farmers of America (who apparently really love Chick-fil-A), and the rest was a bunch of other people who wanted some yummy chicken for lunch. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that from approximately 11:00 until 2:00 we had a line of people that went out the door. (I don't even know how long the line was in the drive-thru.) And it wasn't in waves.
It was solid.
For three hours.
And it was so.much.fun!
There is just something about being in the middle of a big "thing" which draws people together. Everyone was surprised by the crowd (employees and patrons, alike) and it gave us something to talk about - a topic over which to make a connection. I often joked as I greeted the next guest, "Welcome to our zoo!" I got to inform the non-Future Farmers of America folks that there was something big happening at MSU with FFA. But more than anything, I was enjoying the camaraderie I saw blossoming around me.
From guests who wondered amongst themselves (but loud enough for me to hear at times) "Why are so many people here today?" - to co-workers who looked as though they were performing a choreographed dance as they poured drinks and delivered trays and met various other needs - to managers who swiftly solved problems and re-stocked supplies and jumped in to help out wherever they could - to the guest who said to me, "You all are doing a great job. Nobody is anxious, just calm. It's so nice to see that!" - I felt as though I was in the middle of the best day ever.

But today, I anticipate it will be different.
That is, the coronavirus has come to town. And while that may mean the drive-thru will be busier, I am not anticipating big crowds inside. Nevertheless, I am planning to have another best-day-ever.
Because I am trusting God has a connection or two for me to make - someone(s) who needs the kindness of Jesus given to them, maybe encouragement in the midst of the current scare. And regardless how many people are waiting in line I'm going to be there, ready and eager to serve.
Ahhhhh, I love my job!


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Another Hidden Treasure

So, I had occassion to clean out another closet, and in the process I found another hidden treasure.
That is, we are expecting a special someone to come and abide in our guest room - so I thought it a good idea to find other homes for the things which have been hanging out in the closet. (Pun totally intended!) Among those "things" were remnents from my grandmother's belongings, and folded between the pages of her 1984 Farmer's Almanac, I found this piece of history from the October 4, 1988 edition of the Grand Ledge Independent newspaper:

Love that 80's hair? *wink*
You may strain your eyes if you wish and read the article, but I have transposed it below for simplicity sake.
Annnnd, it won't hurt my feelings if you don't care to read the whole thing. For me, it was fun (and kind of funny, and eye-opening) to wander down memory lane for just a minute.
But mostly, it confirmed in my heart that God is good.
At the writing of this article I did not know HIM. That is, I believed in God, went to church, and all that jazz, but I didn't know HIM. Didn't have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus. Didn't even know that relationship was an option. Let alone a necessity.
So as I read about my "accomplishments" thirty-two years and a whole-lotta-life later, I realized they aren't as important as I thought they were all those years ago. As I pondered the plans I had then, I delighted to have the hind sight to know God's plans were greater - and to be reminded that HE still has great plans in the making. And as I read that final sentence and recalled my very first job, I chuckled once again at the fact that I am right back where I began.
Indeed. God is good. And I am so glad my life is in His hands!
Delta Lions name student
Karen Sheaffer has been selected to represent GLHS at the Delta Lions Club meeting as student of the month. Her parents are William and Joan Sheaffer and she is a senior at Grand Ledge High School. She as been in the top 10 of her class since ninth grade.
Sheaffer has attended Grand Ledge schools all her life, and feels very fortunate to have received such a complete education. "My high school years have been fantastic," she says. "There has always been something for me to do to expand my education. Grand Ledge High School has a lot, both curricular and extracurricular, to offer its students."
In her freshman year of high school, she was able to take advantage of two honors classes, English and algebra, which provided extra challenge. She was selected as Student of the Month for English and general business and was actively involved in Spanish Club.
Through her English class, she became involved in an oratorical contest sponsored by the Optomist Club of Lansing, and also Future Problem Solving. In the spring she danced in the Cabaret, which led her to co-choreograph the musical, "Oklahoma."
Her sophomore year began with the musical. She also joined vocal ensemble and Sweet 16, and started taking private voice lessons. In the fall she was selected for regional honors choir and in the early spring attended district solo & ensemble.
Also during the spring, she took part in the drama "Our Town," competed in the Optomist Club Oratorical Contest again, and was selected as Student of the Month for musical art.
In her junior year she choreographed and had roles in "The Music Man" in the fall and "Godspell" in the spring. She was a member of the concert choir, Madrigal singers, and Sweet 16. She was chosen Student of the Month for musical art and was also selected for regional honors choirs, and later for state honors choir.
Sheaffer was inducted into the National Honor Society and began serving as a representative of the student council. She was elected winter homecoming junior queen. The day after homecoming she attended district solo & ensemble where she qualified for state solo & ensemble.
At the state level, Sweet 16 was selected to go on to the finals, as one of the top 12 groups statewide, and she traveled to Chicago with the choir for the Chicago Choral Festival in April.
Sheaffer was also approached with two outstanding opportunities last spring. The first was the World Affairs Seminar for High School Students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The Lions Club of Grand Ledge sponsored her for this memorable experience.
Then, in August, she was a participant in the Michigan State Board of Education Summer Institute for the Arts and Sciences. She attended Western Michigan University and studied music theater.
This year she is, again, a student council representative, and a member of the Madrigal Singers and Sweet 16. She has been cast in one of the lead roles of the fall musical "Brigadoon" and in April she will be going to New York with the choir to perform in Carnegie Hall.
"Next year I plan on attending WMU and majoring in music," says Sheaffer. "I plan on earning degrees in music education and music performance. I would also like to become a member of their vocal jazz group, 'Gold Company.'"
In her spare time, she works in the drive-thru at A&W, likes to babysit, and once in a while, if there is time, she likes to sit down and relax!

How is your life today different from what you thought it was going to be thirty-two yers ago?


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Please Keep Working

With everything in me, I just want to be a reflection of my Savior.
I want to have a heart like His.
I want to love like He loves, and serve like He served.
I want to be gracious and kind. Patient and full of mercy.
Yet, I fail at what I so deeply desire.
Too often I catch myself thinking unkind thoughts. I rush to judgment in a circumstance, thinking I know best - and silently criticizing someone else for doing what they thought was best. Other times I find myself too easily annoyed by the innocent actions of somebody who didn't realize I was watching, and wishing they'd have chosen to operate differently. Self-centeredness and demanding behavior overshadow the me I want to be.

And, wow, I feel incredibly vulnerable admitting these things here.

The other day I was in prayer, asking God to change my heart - pleading with Him to make me more like Jesus. (I don't remember for certain but I think I was responding to a moment when I had been less than solicitous in my attitude toward someone.) I was at the end of myself, so I simply poured out my heart. Please, God, please make me new. Please change my heart. Make me less like me, and more like Your Son. I'm sorry for the times when I fall short, when I give in to my flesh and my selfishness. LORD, please keep calling me to Yourself and Your ways. Yes, God, please keep working in me!
And can I tell you? For as discouraged as I get with myself, as disappointed as I am with my failures, I have confidence in the goodness of God and the power of His Spirit to work in me that which is pleasing to HIM. My sanctification is not up to my ability. I am trusting fully in the One who can do all things, and I am placing my broken self under His almighty and merciful hand.

Yes, LORD, please keep working.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Look Who Came for Dinner

So, the kids were all here for dinner last night.
Which meant special time around the table, talking about life and hearing stories of adventure and adulting. Elizabeth and Phil just returned from a trip to Mexico, so we also got to see lots of great pictures! And, of course, Cleo joined the party.
Which means I have pictures to show of my grand-dog. *smile*


Monday, March 09, 2020

Friday, March 06, 2020

It's My Pleasure

I think it would be interesting to poll my co-workers about the guests they serve each day.
Because I would be curious to know if they are approached by slow-moving, easy-going, leisurely-thinking, unhurried individuals (who are often elderly and unfamiliar with what/how to order at Chick-fil-A), or if it's just me.
That is, for as much as I try to focus only on the guest in front of me I can't help but notice at times how quickly things seem to be happening around me. The speed with which some of my co-workers serve their guests. And I wonder if I am just slow at taking orders, or if maybe I am the only one who receives the guests that require extra attention.

It happened again yesterday, and it completely delighted my heart.

I stood behind my register and invited the next guest in line to come to me. She moved at a measured pace and smiled kindly as she came. When I had determined that she was going to be eating in the dining room I asked what she wanted to order, and that's when things began to slow down.
Because she hadn't been to a Chick-fil-A before.
She wondered about the waffle fries which come in a meal and wanted to know about her other options. So we discussed them.
And that conversation took a minute.
Because she wasn't sure if she would like the Kale Crunch salad (Have you tried it yet? Sooooo yummy!!!!) or if she would rather have a cup of soup. In the end, I think she might have chosen a side salad.
Er, I don't remember for sure.
She changed her mind a few times.
With her side dish selected, it was time to choose a beverage. Those options were a bit easier to descibe and she decided on a nice cup of hot coffee.
Oh, and water, too. She was going to need a cup of water.
Then, of course, we had to talk about sauces.
Because "Chick-fil-A" and "yummy sauces" are practically synonymous.
So by the time I was ready to turn around to pour her coffee, the kitchen crew had already finished preparing her lunch and her tray was being delivered at my register.
"Oh," she sighed, "I thought this was going to be brought to my table." (I had told her we would use her table marker to find her with her food...) And as I observed her slightly shaky frame - and imagined her trying to carry that tray with a cup of water and a cup of coffee - I said, "It will be! You go sit down, and I'll bring it with your coffee."
Thus I poured the coffee, walked around the counter to gather her tray, and walked to her table where her friend was already seated. As I sat the tray on her table she beamed to her friend, "Her mom and I have the same name!" (A connection we made when this dear lady told me her name.) And the smile we shared felt like we were life-long friends, rather than acquaintences who had just met a few moments ago.

On second thought, I don't think I care to take that survey of my co-workers. It really doesn't matter to me if their guests are all quick to decide and prompt with their orders. Because I love my gentle interactions.
And if God wants to send all the extra-attention-required guests my way?
I'm OK with that.
It's my pleasure!


Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Practicing What I Preach

Last week when I was in Florida I had the opportunity to speak for a Ladies' Night Out at my mom and dad's church.

We looked at Psalm 22 and examined the ups and downs David experienced in the midst of struggle and faith. At one point in the psalm David is remembering how God had been faithful to David in his past, and I asked the women present what they do to keep remembrances of God's faithfulness in their lives. I admitted that I am not much of a "journalist" anymore, but that I do try to record moments of God's faithfulness here on my blog.
So, I've got to do it.
I have got to write about what God has been doing.
Because some day I am going to need to come back here and be reminded that HE is trustworthy.
And maybe you need to be reminded about that Truth right here, today.

I mentioned in my video on Monday that Brian and I are on the cusp of a new thing, and I have been praying for God's leading. For the past three months I have been holding on to the hope I see in James 1:5, and I have been asking God for wisdom - asking Him to give it to me generously.
In the midst of seeking wisdom, Brian and I have also been researching information and doing our best to learn about and understand what's ahead of us. Yet we were experiencing delays, and for a time it seemed we were going nowhere.
And then that call came last week while we were in Florida.
But it was a call which was going to take us in a direction different from the one in which we thought we were headed. Which is when my "LORD-please-lead-us" prayers began increasing in frequency.
Wanting to be following the path HE has prepared for us, I asked friends to pray for wisdom. And one resulting conversation raised many questions about whether this particular path was the way to go.
Which is when my "LORD-I'll-go-wherever-You-lead-but-please-make-it-clear-to-me" prayers multiplied in number and intensity.
This is also the time when I think God took over my phone.
That is, I'm pretty sure the text messages I have been receiving are in response to my prayers.
There was the one which came immediately after the questions were raised. The one that seemed to indicate the concerns were unnecessary. (And which prompted us to have a meeting that flat-out exterminated the concerns.)
The next day another one came with encouragement for the direction we're heading.
And yet another - which was intended for somebody else - that offered a behind-the-scenes celebration for the decisions we're making. (Actually, there were two of those texts.)(And although the sender meant for them to go to somebody else, I am confident God planned for me to see them.)
As I have reflected on this whole scenario, I have become more convinced God has been orchestrating every step. Even the ones which seemed to me barriers that were only slowing us down. The things I thought were holding us back I now think were God's hand redirecting us to where we are presently. I believe HE knew then what we know now, and HE orchestrated the circumstances so we would be free today to follow the path HE has created.
Yes. That is what I believe.
Our God knows what we don't, and HE sees what we can't.
As we submit to trusting Him and following His lead, I have full confidence that HE will work out the details and make our way straight.
HE is trustworthy.

Some day I might need to be reminded of this Truth. So I'm recording it here for that day.
And if you need to remember it, too, welcome to this recollection of the faithfulness of God.
May HE encourage your heart with grace and truth.


Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Hidden Treasure

In spite of not wanting to tackle the mess that was my closet, I was inspired to do it this past weekend. *Read that: My husband practically begged me to do it.*
And I think God rewarded me for the effort. Because in the midst of the boxes and pictures and bags, and a few other things I can't believe I held onto for so long, I found this note:

I have no idea how old Elizabeth was when she gave this paper to me. (Note to mothers of young children: Write dates on all their papers and pictures and other keepsakes. You'll be so glad you did!) What I do know is her heart is just as beautiful today as it was then. I have a sense she created this message for me on a day when I was struggling - that even back then, she was an instrument God was using to deliver hope and encouragement. And it delights me to see her now as a grown woman still seeking ways to honor Him by loving others.
Indeed. I have treasures to behold.
This paper is one.
My daughter is another.
And I am forever grateful to God every time HE reveals them.

What treasures have you discovered lately?


Monday, March 02, 2020

What I Want to Do

Ummmm, about the whining you might hear throughout the video... My "grand dog" was visiting, and her ball was under the couch while I was recording. Silly dog!