Saturday, January 09, 2021

The End

2020 and the events within it did a lot to change the habits and desires of many people's lives.
We slowed down. We became reflective.
Sometimes we got ornery and combative.
For a significant number of folks, relationships became sweeter - as we realized how precious time with another person can be.
We have learned not to take so many things for granted.
Some of the changes have been good, while others are better described as devastating.
To be sure, none of us is the same person we were 365 days ago.

One of the big changes produced by 2020 for me is that I believe I have come to the end of my speaking and writing ministry. The end comes partly out of necessity (I mean, really, no one is getting together anymore to listen to a speaker...) but - ultimately - I believe it is God's timing and His hand leading me along the path He has created for me to walk.
In April I would not have been able to make that statement peacefully. But the LORD is good, and HE has been guiding my heart over these COVID months.
I'm going to leave my blog here, asking God to continue using things from the past to ecourage women in the days to come. But I'll be shutting down my website. Which means my email address has to change. (Already made the change in the sidebar. I am still eager to be in touch with anyone who needs to reach out.)
I also have a bunch of books which I would like to give away. And that's where I would love your help. If you are a part of (or simply know of) a moms' group, please send the coordinator my way. I am hoping to give all remaining copies of Confessions and Finding Joy to moms in need of hope and encouragement. God has been faithful in leading me through motherhood, and the Truths He showed me along the way are still True. I don't want to just let those books gather dust.

And, well, I guess that's it.
The end of a chapter. (Felt like a really long one sometimes!)
The end of a calling.
In some ways, it feels like the end of an identity. (But that's part of what God has been working in me in recent months. Urging me to understand that my identity always belongs in HIM, not in what I do!)
Never to be confused, though, with an end to God's good plan.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

~Psalm 118:29



Jan said...

Karen, I always enjoyed your writing and blog! You have always been a blessing to me. Love, Jan

Crys said...

Wow 15 years of posts. I am glad you are leaving them up for other moms. I know I have benefited from your writing and speaking. Looking forward to hearing about God's plan for you. <3