Friday, September 13, 2013

Lessons From the Edge

It just takes time.

I've seen it before in various residents. For one reason or another they are not happy about moving into Edgewood, and they're convinced it will never be "home" to them. Some people almost seem to be fighting against the idea of learning to like living there.
But in nearly every case, after some time, the individuals come to love that place. And it absolutely feels like home to them.

We have another new resident at Edgewood. She moved in about three weeks ago. And I love her very much. She's my grandmother!
And earlier this week she confided in me that she "feels like a misfit".
Oh, those words broke my heart! We have so many wonderful ladies at Edgewood, and several of them have told me how much they like my grandmother. They tell me she's a lovely lady and they're so glad she's moved in. But Grandma says she feels like a misfit?

I understand. Grandma misses the ladies with whom she used to play Bridge. (We've tried unsuccessfully to get Bridge going at Edgewood.) She wants someone to play cards with her, and she wants someone to read and discuss books with her. In her three short weeks, she hasn't found those people. And she's discouraged.
But she came to the Activity Room this week to play Wheel of Fortune on the Wii with a few other residents, and she had a good time. Her birthday is coming up Monday (She's going to be 96!) and one of the women Grandma eats with in the dining room bought her a beautiful card, and she's going to have the other ladies at their table sign it for her. I know that will delight her heart!
These things, and the fact that she isn't a quitter, give me confidence it won't be long before Grandma is no longer feeling like a misfit. Soon, Edgewood will feel like home and the residents will be her second family.

It just takes time.

Is there a struggle in your life about which you need to remember this lesson?


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Sara K. said...

Your grandma sounds so sweet and wonderful! I'm quite sure she is, coming from the same gene pool as you. :) How sweet for you to get some extra time in with her!