Thursday, December 05, 2013

Drum Roll, Please

And the winners of the Kathy Troccoli Christmas CDs are...

Jennifer and Tamrah!

Are you ready for this?
I asked my kids to help by drawing the names. Elizabeth picked Jennifer's paper, then Josh drew one out and - put it in his mouth. He chewed on it and acted like he was eating the paper.
Ha, ha. Funny guy.
But before I knew what had happened, he opened his mouth and - the paper was gone.
"Did you seriously EAT that?" I shrieked.
Josh just smiled.
And said, "Now we'll need to wait until tomorrow to see who won!" You know, when he uses the bathroom. *ahem*
But, have no fear! I figured a way to get around his trickery. I just looked at the remaining names and deduced the winner was the one whose name was missing. I'm brilliant.
And that's how I knew Tamrah was the other winner.

Came to that conclusion through a process of elimination. *wink*



Kaira said...

That's funny!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - I knew you'd think so! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Do over....Josh ate the wrong piece of paper...he he...hugs***chera

Karen Hossink said...

Chera - I wish I could give a CD to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Me too..he he (j/k), hey I think its awesome that you gave away 2!! hugs***chera