Friday, December 16, 2016

Hope for Aleppo

It's all over the news, and my Facebook feed, and it's consuming my thoughts.
I feel like there isn't a single thing I can do to affect the situation. And my heart is so sad.
Because, life is "normal" for me.
If I wanted to, I could live today as though nothing was wrong on the other side of the world.
And that feels so unfair!
On the other side of the world men, women, and children are suffering. They're starving, and hiding, and being attacked and killed. And I want to do something!
I want to be able to make the fighting stop. To make the warring parties live in peace.
Honestly, I want to convince them all to love Jesus and live in HIS kingdom.
But I'm just me.
And I'm here.
What can I do?
I feel like I can't even dare to hope.

And that, right there, is where God steps in and reminds me: Love ALWAYS hopes.

I don't see the solution. I don't know how peace will be restored and righteousness will reign. I cannot fathom how lives will be saved.
But I know God.
HE sees, and HE knows, and HE will work it out.
And because of HIM, I have hope. Because of HIM, I will always have hope.
Because God listens and cares and is able to do all things, in hope I will do the one thing I can do.
I will pray.
Will you join me?

I am signing off for a while. If God agrees, I'll be back January 2.
Until then, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.
Let us press on in hopeful prayer for our world, as we wait for HIM to come again!


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