Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Do the Right Thing

I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes in the movie theater, watching Black Panther.
Would've rather been reading a book, or playing Scrabble. But my boys (the Big One, too) wanted to see Black Panther. So - for the sake of spending time with them - I went to the movies, too.

I stood in Matthew's bedroom watching his new computer keyboard flash and wave with colored lights. I received a brief demonstration and lesson covering the basics of changing the colors, patterns and effects of the lights. As well as a tutorial on how said colors assist a serious gamer in his gaming objectives.
Dinner ingredients were sitting on the kitchen counter waiting patiently for me to assemble them. Accepting my son's invitation to come into his room and see his new keyboard, however, seemed to be the better use of my time.

Everyone had finished eating dinner and I sat with them at the table listening to lots of talk about Josh's plans for his fishing channel on Youtube, purchasing fishing and video equipment, and some fishing trips he hopes to take this coming summer. I even tried adding to the conversation when I had something to say which I thought Josh would find helpful.
About 15 or 20 minutes into the conversation I started becoming keenly aware of the shopping list and dinner menu which were waiting to be created by me. But I reminded myself that my 20-year-old son was eagerly talking to me, and I realized the chore could wait.

The thing is, I have recently become aware of how very easy it is to miss the people who share this house with me. Everyone has different schedules filled with work and school and hobbies and other responsibilities. Rare is the night that we all sit down together for dinner anymore. In fact, one night last week I ate all by myself!
Some time ago I heard a statistic along the lines of "the average parent talks to their teenager less than 90 seconds per day". I remember thinking that was a ridiculous claim - until once last week when I wasn't sure I'd even seen my son all day.
That realization - in combination with a telephone conversation I had with my daughter, and some Holy Spirit promptings - is moving me to do the right thing, rather than the preferred or pressing thing. I am asking God to open my eyes to the opportunities He gives me with these boys. While they're growing up to be men (and I often feel pushed aside and unneeded) I am asking Him to give me the grace to do what feels unnatural, in the interest of connecting in the arenas they're willing to share with me.
And as I write this post while Brian and Josh are watching "The Walking Dead" in the adjacent room, I am also thanking God that's their thing. Because - even with HIS help - I'm not sure I could get into that show. *wink*


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