Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Get Well Soon!

Wow, I had a really long day today!

I've been fighting a cold for the past several days, and when the call came at 7:15 this morning that there was a need for a substitute teacher at school, I probably should've said, "No." But I'm not very good at saying, "No," so I jumped into the shower and was on my way. I spent my day as a seventh grade language arts teacher, trying to share my love of writing with the students, and trying to love the kids for the Lord. At the end of the day my kids came down the the room in which I was subbing, along with our little car pooling buddy, and the five of us headed out to the van to head home. I was nearly falling asleep by this time, my nerves were short, and I didn't want to listen to the kids arguing about who gets to sit where. My mind was focused on getting home and resting.

But resting was not to be part of the agenda. I forgot, Matthew had soccer practice this evening. So I got home with the kids at 4:oo, looked at the schedule and saw practice was from 5-6:30. Oh, when will we eat dinner? What am I going to fix? Where is practice anyway? I'm feeling stress tears coming on! So I called the coach's house to find out the location of practice, and his dear wife offered to pick Matthew up and take him. With a simple kind gesture on her part I had a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. (Thank you, Kathryn!!!)

As I dragged through the afternoon, helping the kids with homework and getting Matthew ready for practice, I noticed Joshua taking on a concern for me. He said, "Mom, are you still feeling sick?" I answered, "Honey, I'm very tired, but I'll be OK." And I pressed on to get dinner ready.

The kids were getting the table set and I noticed Joshua getting out our "Special plate." My birthday isn't until Friday (a typical occasion for use of the Special plate) but Joshua put it at my place. Then I noticed him getting a piece of paper, writing a note, and gathering signatures from the rest of the family. When I sat down to dinner there was an envelope at my plate which Joshua told me to read after we prayed. He said he didn't want me to cry until after prayer time. I said, "Cry?!" He assured me they would be "happy tears." So I waited.

When I was given the OK, I opened the envelope and inside was a note that read, "Get well soon!" with a smiley face and the signatures of all my family. Joshua has such a tender heart. Honestly, for all the times I feel like I'm at my wits' end with him, the times when he displays his tender, caring heart gives me hope. Lord, thank You for this precious boy!

I'm very sleepy! Good night!

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