Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Takes Time

Matthew, my 10-year-old, knows how to tie his shoes. But it takes him a while. He uses the two-bunny-ear-method and always double knots them so they're more secure.
But every now and then, when he's in a hurry or just doesn't feel like taking the time, Matthew asks me to tie his shoes for him. "Because you can do it faster, Mom."
Each time Matthew seeks my help in this way I try to convince him that he could learn to tie his shoes using my method, and then he could be a fast shoe tie-er, too.
This last time, I thought I had won him over. I thought he was honestly going to try to learn my method.
I sat down next to him and started to tie his left shoe, so he could try the right one at the same time. Seemed to me this would be an easy way to show him step-by-step how to tie his shoe 'the faster way'.
And for a minute, it was working.
Until Matthew decided learning was taking too long and he had better things to do. (Read that: He would rather be outside playing.)
Before I could finish my monologue about The merits of investing time now, in order to learn a skill which will ultimately save lots of time in the future, he was out the door.

I sat on the floor wondering how I can convince this child it would be good for him to take the time to learn this skill.
And I realized I have the same tendency. Would rather get to the end, and skip the 'means'.
Hmmmm. I wonder where Matthew gets it. *sheepish grin*



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

That, my friend, is our society. We want a pill to solve all our problems. We don't want to have to walk them out and learn the lessons associated with doing so. I'm guilty of it, to be sure.


Irritable Mother said...

Ah, Leah, do you know how funny that sounds coming from a pharmacist??? *grin*
But I know what you're saying. And I fully agree.

luvmy4sons said...

You are so humble and full of grace. You bless me with your grace filled mother moments.

On Purpose said...

Coming here I always get an 'ouch' in a good kind of ouchy way...I am a girl who just want to run outside and sitting still and learning is hard for takes time you know! Thank you Karen for speaking His precious Word this morning in such a GREAT way!

Irritable Mother said...

Leslie - Thanks.
I cannot count the ways you have been a blessing to me. Love how God works in our circumstances to bless one another.
He's so good.
All the time!

Nichole - Sometimes it hurts so good, right? *She says, as her muscles are still aching from a workout TWO DAYS AGO.*
Thanks for your encouraging words.

BusyB said...

ha love the grin at the end.... a lot of times i wonder where my kiddos get it....then i smile (oops) ha!

Irritable Mother said...

Brittany - They don't miss a thing, do they!
Wish mine would pick up on more of my good habits - like putting things away after I use them. *ahem!*

O Mom said...

Umm yah. I feel like that's totally me with God these days. Like I'm saying ok ok I got it now let's just get to the good part....trying to be more patient here too!!

Irritable Mother said...

O Mom - "now let's just get to the good part"
Yeah, I think that about sums it up. *wink*
So thankful for HIS patience!

gianna said...

it has nothing to do with his sinful nature, right?

BASSakward Tales said...

this is why my son wears flip flops all year round....he HATES shoes, he says "they are a waste of time"

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - Yeah. I think that might have something to do with it!

Gin - I guess you can get away with that in Alabama. Not so much in Michigan. LOL!