Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Worth It!

Friday morning the Hossink's all got up early and were on the road at 6:30. On our way to Sandusky, Ohio - for a great day at Cedar Point. We joined my mom, brother, niece and nephew, and had an absolutely wonderful day together.
I could tell you about all the rides. (MaXair is the bomb! And I have a new favorite: Skyhawk.) I could tell you about God's graciousness in taking care of the weather for us. Would love to share with you the fun I had teasing my brother.
But the best, absolutely BEST, part of my day at Cedar Point was seeing the joy in my kids.
They smiled.
They laughed.
They talked non-stop about this ride and that thrill. And, Wasn't that fun? Can we ride it again? Let's go there next! I'm having the best day ever!
I can't count how many times throughout the day I gave thanks to God for blessing us with the opportunity to go to Cedar Point - as I was hearing or watching the kids fully enjoy themselves. Oh, I was having fun, too. No doubt about that! But the joy in my children was the greater delight.

As we were walking out of the park Friday night, I told Brian how pleased I was that the kids had such an amazing day. He smiled, did a little calculating in his head, and replied, "Was it worth $XXX?" I smiled back, figured out how many weeks at the pharmacy that totaled, and said, "Yes. It was so worth it!"

Then - because this is the way I operate - my mind turned to Jesus. I imagined Him looking on us in love, as we enjoy the fact that we have freedom in Him. Considered His joy as He watches us living fully, because of what HE did on the cross for us. And then I pondered God the Father looking at Jesus - delighting in us - and asking, "Was it worth Your Life?"
Because I know what our Jesus would reply.

Yes. It was so worth it!



O Mom said...

So beautiful. I love those days of the pure joy written all over there face and sometimes it is just so worth it to go above and beyond our everydayness for them. And another reason why I love you, you bring it all back to Jesus. He is everywhere and in everything we do!

luvmy4sons said...

Touching. So touching! So glad your family had fun. So glad for Jesus! *hug*

Leah Adams said...

I am so thankful that even when I fail Him, Jesus looks at me and says, "Yes, it was worth it." Even in the times when I do not feel worthy of His love, I am grateful that He offers it anyway.

Have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

You know Karen, leave it to you to always bring it back to Jesus. I just loved that comparison and it convicted me a little with the way I was feeling right now, somewhat down in the dumps. I need to re-evaluate. Thanks!!! :)

Jean said...

Hi Karen, That was me right above commenting. I did not mean to make it anonymous. I have commented on your blog before. I love your blog and it gives me such inspiration at times....


Mary Voogt said...

So jealous! I LOVE CP!! That was our summer vacation many years growing up. My dad and I are roller coaster fanatics :) But now I haven't been there in years. I hope to go again some day and share it with my kid(s?). I totally understand what you mean about seeing the joy in their faces. I felt the same way taking Rebecca to MI's Adventure. It wasn't the easiest day for me (due to my OCD), but it was SOOO worth it to see the light in her eyes and the pure joy. It is a great thought to think of God looking at us the same way.

gianna said...

I love how you NATURALLY turn your heart toward Jesus! I love it! It helps me to think beyond myself! And that thought gave me chills!

Karen Hossink said...

O Mom - Yes HE is!
Love you, too. *grin*

Leslie - Me, too. Hugs back at-cha!

Leah - Even when. Yes - even then!
So thankful for HIS unstoppable love.

Jean - I'm sorry to hear you're a bit down in the dumps. But I'm glad to know God is speaking to you - even there. HE is faithful, and I trust He'll pull you up.

Mary - Yep. I grew up going to CP every summer - and it's fun to go back.
The work, the trouble, the money - it's all worth it because we love our kids. And how much greater is HIS love for us!!!

Gianna - I am so thankful for the work Jesus has done in my heart so that it turns toward Him freely.
HE is a.ma.zing!

Heidi said...

I know that full of love feeling when the family is all together and enjoying every moment. Precious moments they are- these kids,they just grow up and go! I know you're right about God's love and opinion of us, too- hard to believe sometimes, yet I know it is true. So thankful to know that. Great post!

Karen Hossink said...

Heidi - Yes. That grow up and grow thing - I think that's part of what made our trip to Cedar Point so great for my mom. Because she got to spend the day with two of her kids who have grown up and gone!