Friday, December 09, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Singing is good for the spirit.

OK. OK. This is not a new lesson for me. For years, singing has been a form of therapy for me. It calms me down. Lifts my heart. Preserves the lives of those in my path. *wink*
I actually learned about a real physical thing that happens in us when we sing. Apparently singing releases endorphins, which make us feel better. I am not a scientist and cannot explain how any of that really works, but I can say this: Singing definitely makes me feel better.

So, on to the Lesson for this week.
On Wednesday we had a musical guest come in to entertain the residents at Edgewood. He's been with us once before and I invited him back because he has such a warm and engaging personality. The residents absolutely LOVE him. And since Christmas is just around the corner (Eeek! I really need to think about writing our Christmas letter!) Dennis played and sang lots of Christmas songs.
As Dennis sang, I was delighted to look around the atrium - and up into the balcony - and see so many residents singing right along with him. We usually have several residents who join in with the singing, but on Wednesday I'd say most of them were singing along. And the smiles on their faces, along with the sparkles in their eyes, gave me a pretty good indication of the condition of their spirits.
It was a beautiful sight to behold and confirmed my belief that singing is good for the spirit.
All this talk about singing, coupled with the fact that today's post is number 1111 on this blog, (Click on the 1111 link in the lables if you don't know the reason for my affinity to that number. *grin*) made me decide to do something special. That is, I decided to pick TWO winners for the Kathy Troccoli worship CD give-away. No, you don't need to share - I'll have a CD sent to BOTH of you!
And the winners are... Johanna and Ginny. Please email me your mailing addresses and I'll order the CDs for you!



Jodi@ said...

CONGRATS to Johanna & Ginny!!! :o)

Singing is a great way to cheer me up! :o) I love that time in worship when I get to sing along. Love it!

BASSakward Tales said...

Yeah..thank u so much... 104 Ridge De, Lincoln,al 35096

Patricia said...

Congrats to Johanna & Ginny!

Have a great weekend!!