Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thank You, God, for Hope

As I walked to the kitchen in the morning, I nearly tripped over a book on the floor in the hallway. Left there by Matthew.
As I entered the kitchen, I admired the clean counter I'd worked to clear the previous night. The only 'extra' thing on it was a bottle of pills. Left there by Joshua.
And as I sat down to eat my breakfast - looking at the bottle of pills on the otherwise empty countertop - I thanked God. Not just for my breakfast, but also for the signs of hope my boys had left around.

You see, I have a goal. As my boys are growing up, I really want to see them taking more responsibility for themselves. I want to do a lot less nagging reminding. Want to see them thinking for themselves and doing what they need to do, because they know they need to do it. Not because I nagged told them to.
And although picking up after themselves (a.k.a. don't leave things laying around the house) is one of the topics about which I have been known to nag ramble, in this case I was OK with their unattended items.

Matthew's book reminded me of how well he's been working on his book report. We sat down together and charted a plan in his school planner - writing down the progress he should make every day. And he's been sticking pretty closely to it. Without me cajoling.
The bottle on the counter was strategically placed there by Joshua to remind himself to take his pill in the morning. He got it out of the cupboard and put it on the counter before he went to bed. He's been doing that for a few weeks now. And I knew he would put it away after he took his pill. He's been doing that, too.

So even though my boys both left things "out of place," God used those things to remind me He's working in them. Though they aren't perfect, God allowed me to notice some of the progress they're making. And that gave me hope. Beautiful hope!

And in the process of writing this post (started in the morning, finished at night...) these charming boys have given me cause to cling to that hope. *read that: They have been crazy, and NOT showing progress.*
So I cling to Hope.
Because I know God is faithful.
I trust this behavior is a passing phase.
And I'm convinced God isn't finished with them yet.

To what signs of Hope have you been clinging lately?



Patricia/NYC said...

LOVE this post, my friend!! I have been blessed with signs of HOPE as well, as my daughter has been asking LOTS of questions regarding her birth country (without the tears now!)...I am so encouraged by this as she tries to process her story. HE is ALWAYS faithful to us, isn't HE?!

Thanks again for your prayers!!
Have a "Jesus-ful" day! :)

Anonymous said...

Christen reminds me that I tend to focus on the negative when it comes to her... like, she'll have washed all the dishes, but I will find some in the drainer she could have washed a lot better. So I focus on the still dirty ones in the drainer... oh, it's a balance of course...

I'm praying for God to show me how to encourage her, but still make it so she won't give us ecoli from unwashed dishes... ;o)

Yay for little improvements!!

This is Jodi BTW, I've merged my blogs to wordpress. Hope you find me over there! :o)

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - I am delighted to hear about Kiara's progress. Hope is wonderful, isn't it??? :o)

Jodi - I totally get you! I try so hard to notice what they've done right, but sometimes I forget to voice it. So it sounds like I only see what's wrong. LORD, have mercy!
I laughed at the ecoli comment. Thanks. *grin*