Thursday, August 02, 2012


I'm going to be 41 next month.

Forty-one used to sound "old" to me. But I still see myself as a child. I am NOT getting old. No sir!

However, over the past week, I have been getting a bit concerned because of some vision troubles I'm having. Things far away are still clear as a bell to me, but up-close items challenge my ability to focus. And this is so unusual for me. I have always had good eye-sight.
With my birthday approaching and the reality that I am getting older (There is a distinct difference between "old" and "older," you know!) I was starting to wonder if the sight issue is a sign of aging.

I am not willing to admit such things could be happening to me.
I would prefer to continue my existence in Denial, thank you. *wink*

Then it occurred to me.
I just started taking a new medicine last week. And that's when the fuzzies came over to play.
So I did a check of the side effects and found it - blurred vision.

Oh, yeah! It's the drug's fault. I am not getting old. I knew it. I knew it! I knew it!!!
Soooooo, a little phone call to the doc, a refined plan of action, and I can safely return to Denial.

I am NOT getting old. No sir!



Leah Adams said...

Ok, Alice, Wonderland will not be kind to you forever. A few more years and there will not be a day when you don't hurt somewhere. Then you will know you are officially old.

Yeah, I thought I wouldn't get old either but it crept up on me and now I am.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Thanks for bursting my bubble. *wink*
The thing is, at Edgewood I am with people who are definitely OLD, and I am less than half the age of most of them. I think that's why I feel so young. :)