Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gone Adventuring

We had house-guests last weekend.
Elizabeth's boyfriend, Nick (aka Beau), and their friend, Emma, came for a visit. And they had a full weekend. Raking leaves, watching movies, dinner out with friends, Sunday school, youth group...and somehow at the end of it, they were looking for more. Elizabeth asked me if they could go on an adventure. She said they wanted to go somewhere she'd never been in Okemos, and "have an adventure".
I knew they just wanted to be together and have fun - exploring the land - so I said, "Ok."
With that, they looked at some area maps and headed out the door.

An hour, or so, later Nick and Michaela (Elizabeth's BFF - who joined in most of the weekend's festivities) came into the house laughing. They wanted me to come outside to see what they'd gotten. Nick grabbed the camera and - honestly? - for a moment I was afraid of what I might find when I stepped out the door.
Did he really need to capture my reaction on film?

Turns out I didn't need to be afraid. The thing they'd gotten was an old toboggan.
And the way they got it was by playing the Bigger or Better Game. They started off with a penny and traded themselves up to a great-big wooden toboggan. They had a blast doing it, as they made good memories. And now we have a new sled for when the snow falls.

Love my adventurers!



Kaira said...

SO FUN! Great picture, too! We have one of those big toboggans at our house too.

I love our kids! :)

km said...

I love that game!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - I love 'em, too. And I love how they find GOOD ways to have fun. :)

KM - I played it once when we ended up with a great big display case from a store. They were just going to throw it out.
We won. ;)

Kaira said...

Yes! Good, clean fun! :)

Nick said...

that was tons of fun! lots of people give you strange looks but that justs makes you laugh when they answer the door. :)
-Nick (aka the Beau)

Karen Hossink said...

Nick - I'm glad you had so much fun. :)