Wednesday, May 06, 2015

I Can't Hold My Tongue Any Longer

OK, so I don't typically deal with hot topics or controversial issues here at Surviving Motherhood. That simply is not the purpose of this blog.
HOWEVER, with all the recent talk about gay marriage I have come across several "Jesus hung out with sinners" statements which I feel are complete misrepresentations of who He was and what He did. And I cannot sit by and say nothing. I just can't be passive on this one.

Please read my words as a plea to honor Jesus and understand His actions - not as an attack on the homosexual community.

I have read statements from people who were arguing in defense of gay marriage by pointing out that Jesus was a friend of sinners. Some commenters supposed that Jesus would attend the weddings of the gay folks with whom He was hanging out. And bake the cake. And take the pictures. I didn't read any suggestions that He would also be the "Best Man," but that was the path down which these comments seemed to be going.
I am not about to deny that Jesus was a friend of sinners. I am so thankful He is - because He reached out to me when I was lost in my sin. And I am not sure I can predict whether or not He would attend a gay wedding. What I am sure of, though, is that Jesus would not celebrate sin, or encourage people to carry on in it. And that's what really burdened me about the comments I was reading. People seemed to be equating Jesus' fellowship with sinners with His condoning of the sin.
Jesus hung out with sinners, yes.
But He did not celebrate their sin.
Rather, He called them to turn from it.
Consider, for example, Zacchaeus the tax collector. You can read his story here. Jesus was going to go to his house, and the people who knew Zacchaeus were shocked. Why would Jesus be the guest of a "sinner?" But Jesus wasn't going over to Zach's house to help him plan ways to steal more money from the people. In fact, something about just being in the presence of Jesus caused Zacchaeus to repent of his sin and promise to make things right. Jesus followed up Zach's proclamation by stating that He had come to seek and save the lost.
And save.
He didn't come to seek and further expel the lost.
He came to save them. (Us!)
What about the woman caught in adultery? Jesus came to her rescue. He got her accusers to leave her alone by telling them that the one who was without sin could cast the first stone at her. But once they had all left, Jesus didn't say to her, "OK. As you were!"
He told her to leave her life of sin.
And so it was with the Samaritan woman at the well, and the sinful woman who anointed Jesus. Jesus did not shun these women, as many of the "righteous" people around Him did. He forgave them, and He called them to follow Him. But He did not celebrate their sin and encourage them to keep living it.

Jesus was a friend of sinners.
BUT, Jesus did not promote sin.
Let us not get the two ideas mixed up.



Amanda said...

Excellent points!

Steph said...

Very well said!!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Great explanation of biblical truth.

Karen Hossink said...

Amanda, Steph, and Leah - Thank you. I pray these words may help someone understand.

Sara K. said...

This is the loving truth -- a necessary clarification. God IS love -- and Jesus loved sinners, but He didn't condone the sin.

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - Thanks. I hope it helps someone.