Friday, May 08, 2015

This Week with Grandma

She made me feel like a kid again.

A precious, cherished, watched-over little kid.

It was so sweet. *smile*

Tuesday night, Brian and I went to Grand Rapids to see a pre-release screening of the movie, War Room. You will definitely be reading more about that movie here in the coming weeks and months. It was UH-mazing. So good. Probably the best movie I have ever seen. Mark your calendar for August 28, because you're going to want to go see it.
So, anyway, we went to Grand Rapids.
Before we left, I told Grandma I thought we'd be home about 10:00. Movie started at 7, I figured we'd be on our way home by 9. So, I thought I was safe in saying we'd be home "around" 10.
Well, the movie and evaluation time afterwards took a little longer than I'd anticipated. And then we saw friends as we were walking out, so we stopped to talk with them for a bit. Annnnnd, it was more like 10:45 until we got home.
When we pulled into the driveway I could see Grandma's light was still on, so I decided to check in on her before I went to bed. And when I walked into her room, there was a look of uneasiness in her eyes. She said, "Did you have trouble on the way home?" I responded we had not. Then she said, "And you're just getting home now?" (When she asked that question, I realized we were getting home significantly later than I'd estimated for her.) I started to explain the delay when I thought I could see tears welling up in her eyes. So I sat down on her bed and hugged her, saying I was sorry for being late. She said, "It's OK. As long as you're safe. These are tears of joy."
And we just sat there for a minute with our foreheads resting on each other.
I imagined my grandmother looking at the clock for the previous 45 minutes, wondering when I would get home, worrying that something had gone wrong. Now, when I was a teenager and my MOM did something like that, it absolutely annoyed me. But to know my grandmother was thinking about me all that time, just waiting for me to arrive safely home - well, it blessed my heart. Not that I want to make her worry about me, but there was something very sweet about knowing she cares so much.

(Next time I'll call if we're running late. Guess I didn't learn that lesson when I was a teen. *ahem*)



Sara K. said...

So precious!!! I love your grandma, and I don't even know her! ;)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - You should come to Michigan sometime and meet her. :)