Thursday, October 20, 2016

Call Me "Cabby"

Wednesday morning, 7:23.
Matthew: Uh, Mom, I missed the bus. Can you drive me to school?
Some unclear under-his-breath rumblings about the new bus driver coming too early.
*Grab the keys and head out the door. Breakfast can wait a few minutes.*

Wednesday morning, 11:40.
Josh: Uh, Mom, are you doing anything right now? Can you go with me to the mechanic's so I can drop off my Jeep, and you can bring me home?
*Check the time. Yep, if we hurry I can do this and make it to my 12:30 appointment.*

Wednesday afternoon, 3:53.
Matthew: Uh, Mom, can you take me to work?
*Sure. And next week I can drive you to your driving test so you can get your license!*

Wednesday afternoon, 4:15.
Josh: Uh, Mom, can you help me move Matthew's desk out into the van?
Lots of explanation about how he wants to set up a scene to make a video for his Youtube channel.
*Why not? It isn't like the desk is heavy and I'll throw my back out, or anything.*

Wednesday evening, 5:10.
Josh: (on the phone with Brian) Yeah. Are you going to be home soon?...Oh.
Josh: (to me) Dad is going to be late. Can you take me to make the video?
Because he can't unload the desk on location by himself.
*OK. When the soup I'm preparing for dinner is ready to "simmer for 20 minutes," well, I'll give you 20 minutes to get this thing done.*

And so it goes. Takin' my boys where they need to go, so they can do what they need to do.
Sometimes that means putting aside what I need or want to do.
Other times it means I get to feel needed.
And every time, it increases my feeling of job security.

How do the every-day needs of your kiddos influence your days?
And what do you do to keep a positive outlook?


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