Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Adam Raccoon: Back in Print!

Adam Racoon - back in print

That was the message in the subject line of an email I received which made me so very, very happy.
The email was from the publisher, informing me that last November all eight titles of the Adam Raccoon series had been re-released in beautiful hard-cover books. I'm telling you, I love LOVE Adam Raccoon and this news made me feel like I'd just been reunited with an old friend.
That is to say, my kids grew up with me reading Adam Raccoon to them, and in a moment of what-was-I-thinking - when the kids had out-grown children's books, and grandchildren were nowhere near my thoughts - I sold all of my Adam Raccoon books in a garage sale. Then one day when I wanted to buy a copy to give as a baby shower gift, I discovered they were out of print.
And my heart sank.
Because I thought, How am I going to re-build my collection for the day when I have grandchildren running around and I want to read these wonderful books to them???
I mean, I know there's always Amazon (In fact, I have purchased Adam Raccoon books through Amazon many times to give as baby shower gifts. Actually, there are two sitting in my room right now waiting for a special little boy to be born!) but Amazon doesn't have ALL the titles. And I wanted to re-build the whole collection. *sniff*
And now I can.
That is, now I'm going to!

So, whether you're a mom, or a grandma; or you're going to be a mom, or a grandma; or you know a mom, or a grandma - if you love kids and you love Jesus, you really need to check into Adam Raccoon.
And a little insider information I found out about which may be of interest to you:
*The publisher is almost done with some activity and coloring pages for the series and they should release as a free download on their website later this month or next.
*The Signature Set which includes the slipcase and signed art card and from Glen Keane is only available through their website. Promo code BRUBAKER will work for free shipping on domestic orders of the Signature Set.
Annnnnnd, just in case you need a preview, here's a recording I made several years ago of one of my favorite (They're all my favorite!!!) Adam Raccoon books:


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