Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Watchin' My Babies Grow Up

I've just got to say, I love my daughter so very much.
Among many other things, I treasure seeing how she loves so well. How she seeks to be the hands and feet of Jesus to her friends and all those around her. And I am thankful for the ways her efforts to love others spill over onto the rest of us as her family.
That is, approximately seven years ago Elizabeth made a friend at school. And over the past seven years, that friend has become a part of our family. To the extent that we refer to this friend of Elizabeth's as our honorary daughter. (In fact, that's the way we refer to a couple of Elizabeth's friends. *grin*) She has always been welcome in our home and we've been able to be an extended family to her - offering all kinds of support as she's needed it.

And it's truly been a joy.

Well, this honorary daughter of ours has been living with us (in Elizabeth's room - since Elizabeth is gone for the summer) for the past two months. And one of the things we've been doing during these months is helping our honorary daughter navigate the world of "adulting". We've seen her find jobs (Not a new thing for her. She's a hard worker. But she was unable to work for a while and this was a big step.); learn about and make a budget (Including some of the hard choices that come with living on a budget.); make grown-up decisions which weren't always easy to manage; search for a place to live which was safe, suitable, and stayed within the budget; and yesterday, we got to see her get the keys to that place.
Ahhhh, another baby bird leaving the nest.
Through having this young lady living with us, we have also been able to get to know and love her boyfriend. He's become an honorary son to us, and it has been a joy to watch him walking into the ways of "adulting", too. The road ahead of them will surely be difficult at times, but God is faithful and I trust Him to lead them.

And so it is. For both the children I have physically birthed, and those who are children from my heart - I am trusting their futures to the LORD. As I watch them grow up, as I watch them make decisions and take action and sometimes make mistakes, as I occasionally want to step in and do "it" for them, I find myself praying and trusting my Father.
Because He is their Father, too.
And He is good.



Christy said...

My children all have friends who are like honorary kids of my own. Last night my daughter had 2 of the 5 little girls who came to her birthday party spend the night. One of the girls called me "Mom" by mistake, and then said "well you are like my 2nd mom". I LOVE her momma, but told her I'm honored to be a 2nd mom to her. I hope my kids friends parents love my kids and feel like a 2nd mom to them, as well, when they spend a good amount of time at their homes, as well.

Karen Hossink said...

Christy - Even as I have had the delight of loving on my honorary kids, I have also been blessed to have women love my daughter as their own. When she spent a semester in Mexico with a host family; while she's away at college and different families from her church have her over for dinner; even this summer while she's in Colorado doing an internship and people from her job and church are looking out for her. I don't want to be "replaced" but I sure am glad for those who are willing to "stand in"!