Thursday, February 14, 2019

Have I Really Arrived???

So, I saw an old friend in the grocery store Monday.
We used to work on projects together when our kids were in early elementary school.
Yeah. Like 13+ years ago!
I can hardly believe that much time has gone by!!!
Needless to say, we had quite a bit of catching up to do. And, of course, it centered mostly around our children and what they're doing now.

The funny thing about it was that Josh had just stopped by the house Sunday night - so I had a fresh story to tell my friend.
That is, he came over to get something shortly after the dinner hour (Intentional? Maybe!) and was happy to find left-overs in the refirgerator. (To which he even happily-er helped himself!) As Josh ate the dinner, he gushed about my cooking. Openly appreciated the food I lovingly prepared. Said that "frozen food" (the choice of bachelors!) was OK, but he missed my fresh meals.
And I just sat there soaking in the love. *wink*
After he finished eating, Josh had questions for me about grocery shopping. Like, What's the difference between different kinds of 'ground beef'? And, What do you usually buy? Cuz what I bought didn't taste the same.
And I sat there answering his questions, offering suggestions, and enjoying the fact that my son wanted to listen to what I had to say.
So, I was sharing these stories with my friend - and we chuckled at how life changes when our children grow older. As if we noticed it at the same time, we simultaneously commented that those 13+ years ago "older" women would tell us that someday would come. The "someday" when our children would appreciate the things we do for them, the labors of love involved in mothering, the often tireless days of doing-our-best when we just want to lay-down-and-rest.
And I gasped as I wondered, Is someday here? Have I really arrived???
Cause I'm telling you, 13+ years ago I didn't think "someday" would ever, ever materialize.

For the record, Josh stopped by again Monday - late afternoon. Seemed happy when I invited him to stay for dinner. *smile*


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