Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Forward

Brian and I worked so hard last week! My forearms are sore from the scrubbing, sanding, and painting but it's looking good around here. There are so many spiritual lessons to be learned from getting a house ready to sell - I have in mind to write them down so I can share them here sometime. But I've no time to do it just now...
The kids are all home now, and are actually excited about the move. (Mixed with an expected amount of sadness.) The For Sale sign is in the front yard. And this week we focus on packing, as next week we'll be gone and soon after we get back we'll be closing on our new house and moving in. Can anyone say, Wow, this is going fast!!!

On another front, I did do something unrelated to the house last week. I had lunch with a woman who heads up a moms group so we could get to know each other a bit and discuss the possibility of me coming and speaking for those moms in the fall. We had a great time together. She asked me about my talks and I told her about one which I have yet to write, but which God has been laying on my heart for quite awhile. She thought it sounded great and asked if I would come in the fall to share my fist talk and again in the spring to share the one that's still in my heart, waiting to be written. I am so excited. Now I have a "reason" to write this talk and it may also be the motivation I need to complete my next book. (Which, for the record, received almost no attention last week!) Though I'm tired from all this *moving stuff*, I am still in love with God and excited about what He's doing.

Have a blessed day. (Or week...not sure when I'll post again!)

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kreed said...

Busy times, huh? Good luck with the house sale - sounds like it should go like a hotcake with all the work you have been doing!

Coach J said...

Where will this talk be happening? Anywhere close to MS???
I hope your work pays off, and your house sells very quickly! You're on my reader, and I'll catch you when you post again!! {{Hugs}}

Angela said...

Oh Karen, I am so right there with you! Whether you are moving across the street, across town or across the country it's a huge deal. If I were closer to Michigan I'd hop on over to help with all the painting, sanding, etc. Since I can't, I will certainly pray for you and your family. Don't forget to reward yourself with a little Starbucks in the midst of all the boxes! Hopefully you won't have to sell a kidney...oh sorry, that was from my little rant this morning on my blog! LOL

Praying for the new talk the Lord is laying on your heart.

mcewen said...

Oh yes! Motivation is always pivotal.
Best wishes

annie said...

It is going fast! I imagine you are so excited!
It is wonderful that even in the busy times you are keeping yourself close to God.
Love ya!

LoveMyStarr said...

That is so exciting! We've been thinking about selling our house. And I could just imagine how much work is involved, especially the deep, deep cleaning!!

Sounds like exciting news with your talks, too. God's timing is perfect, huh? He knows when we need motivation and just how to motivate us.