Thursday, September 27, 2007

Critter Update

I haven't written about our critters recently, and have a couple new developments to report...

I told you previously about Ring, the praying mantis, and the egg sac she laid. I don't think I mentioned Joshua caught another praying mantis. This one was another female and Joshua did a fine job catching other bugs and keeping her well-fed. (I even caught some lunch for her while Brian and the kids were gone last weekend!)
We now know she had a delicious meal of a male praying mantis before Joshua caught her, because she just laid an egg sac, too. So now we have two! Joshua is beside himself with excitement at this new development. This morning while we were walking to the bus stop he told me he wanted to be sure I did all the gardening I need to this fall. He doesn't want me to do any digging or pulling of plants in the spring. His concern is when the baby mantids hatch, if I start messing around in the garden I might disturb their homes.
I love to "watch" his thought processes regarding these egg sacs. He may not be so excited about school work and chores, but his concern for these bugs shows me he really can think things through and anticipate the future.
(BTW, did you notice we had this conversation on the way to the bus stop? In spite of Joshua's recent request that I don't always walk with him to the bus stop, each day this week he has asked me to come with him. He loves me! *grin*)

The other critter update is about the rats. You may recall my shock when an apparently-normal adult told me - in the presence of my kids - she loves rats and used to have one as a pet. Well, last week I joined a neighborhood Bible study and found myself in a room full of God-fearing Christian women who started talking about rats! Several of them were singing the praises of these rodents as pets. I'm not kidding! I sat there simultaneously laughing and kicking & screaming inside, wondering, God, are You trying to say something to me here? Yeah, if He is talking to me about rats through these new friends, I am definitely doomed!
If I do give in to this crazy request someday, you can be sure I'll post a picture here!

On a different note, I had a great time speaking for a group of moms last night. Once again, God delighted my heart with an opportunity to see Him bringing hope to these women. I love the time I have to share my story and, with all my heart, I desire to be used by God to be a blessing to each of the moms present. However, I think my favorite part of these events is the time after the meeting when I am able to talk with women and hear their stories. It blesses me to hear about how God has used me story to minister hope to other moms!



Sweet Mummy said...

I'm SO with you on the rat issue - ICK! I can't get into that at all. Our only pets consist of fish because they are a little more easily contained and cared for and cleaned up after than any kind of furry critter my children have requested. No rodents in this house...sorry!

Jenileigh said...

I don't care for rats but I don't mind hamsters and guinea pigs....although I don't want one! heehee....If God gives you revelation on the rat thing be sure to let me know! LOL!

I know nothing about praying mantis and it is interesting to read about Joshua's love and concern for them! So far to this point none of my girls have expressed interest of this kind or to this degree. I think it is truly wonderful that Joshua has a passion for something.

Karen said...

Suddenly had this funny image of you in years to come with glass cases containing pythons and tarantulas...or maybe not eh?