Monday, November 12, 2007

Not THAT Cool!

My boys recently decided they wanted to walk home from school sometimes, so we made a deal that three days a week I would walk up to school at the end of the day and bring them home. The other two days, they ride the bus.
The first time I walked up to meet them, I noticed lots and lots of grass hoppers and crickets along the edge of the sidewalk. Since Ring was still alive and I knew Joshua would love to feed her one of the grass hoppers, I caught one! I was so proud of myself as I walked the rest of the way to school, cupping the grass hopper in my hand. I couldn't wait to see Joshua and show him the bug I had caught. I thought, He is going to be so pleased! What I didn't anticipate was the response I would get from Joshua's friend - who thought I was totally cool for catching bugs. Oh yeah!
So, catching bugs for Ring became part of our walking home routine. And I really did have fun with it.
Well, Ring breathed her last breath a few days ago, and the grass hoppers and crickets have all but disappeared on the path to school. So today when I walked along the sidewalk, I wasn't expecting to see anything interesting. But much to my surprise, I saw a frog.
It was green and looked like a bull frog, only it wasn't big enough to be one. The frog was sitting perfectly still on the sidewalk and I was sure I could grab it and take it to school to show Joshua. In a split second I thought about it, took half a step back as if to capture the little guy, and quickly considered what it would be like to carry him all the way to school. It didn't take me more than a second to realize I am simply not THAT cool!

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Rochelle said...

Awwww.... poor Ring. And you are too cool! You debated catching the frog and didn't squash it! :)

kreed said...

At least you thought about catching the frog - that's more than many moms would consider!

As far as the puppy vs. kid clean up question...I think it is a toss up! It's all body fluid and it's all no fun! Here's hoping we'll both have some dry days and nights and be able to put "crate training" behind us!

annie said...

I must say you are way cooler than me for even considering it :O)!!!

Wendy said...

My daughters once caught over thirty frogs in one night. They were so excited and proud of themselves, I just had to smile and congratulate them for their frog-catching prowess. Then they asked me if I wanted to join in. Yep, it took about a second to decide that I'm not that cool, either.

Amphibians. Eww.

Maddy said...

At least you had the thought! That still qualifies as cool if not reptilian!

Stephanie said...

but its the thought that count, Right!

Ok its time to get serious... professional. Get a bug bog. Frogs fit in them too. You hardly have to touch them never mind look at them.


Jenileigh said...

Oh Karen you are a gem!