Friday, November 30, 2007

What Can I Say to This???

If you have been reading here for awhile, you may recall my daughter's intense desire to have a pet rat. Well, for the past several weeks Elizabeth's pet mouse, Kloie, has been threatening to die, and Sunday she finally did it. When Elizabeth told me about Kloie's death I wondered, Hmmmm, how long will it be until she starts asking for a pet rat?
It took about two hours. (She mourns quickly!)

All week long Elizabeth has been relentlessly pursuing asking me if I have made up my mind about whether or not she can get a pet rat. Honestly, I have been thinking about it. I thought it would be something I could get her for Christmas. Maybe. I mean, if I actually decide I am going to let her have one of those creepy little things with snake-like tails a pet rat.
So, today she came home from school like this:

She also had a sign on her back which simply said, Rat. And she wants it this weekend.
I asked her this afternoon, "Elizabeth,if you were thinking about getting something for someone but you wanted it to be kind of a surprise, and they kept asking you about it and they just wouldn't stop, and you really were considering it, but you didn't want them to know you might do it, what would you do?"
She said, with a big smile, "I'd give it to them."

What can I say? Besides the fact she is so darn cute and I love her to pieces, I am also presently very proud of Elizabeth. Yesterday we received two tickets in the mail for an MSU Women's Basketball game because one of Elizabeth's teachers had given her an Excellence in Effort award. I don't know which teacher it was, the one who asked me at parent/teacher conferences if she could adopt Elizabeth or one of the others who only said they absolutely love having her in class.
This young lady brings delight wherever she goes, and I really want to delight her heart, too. So what do I say?
I guess, if Brian agrees, I say, Yes.
(And I either don't tell my mom we have a pet rat, or take the chance she'll never set foot in my house again!)
Anyone care to try talking me out of this decision before it's too late??? *grin*



Stephanie said...

I had a friend who had a pet rat named Chloe. It got out of her room and squeeezed under the door of another room and tried to snuggle with the occupant of that room. She got a drop kick across the room and *thud* hit the wall. But I think rats are less intelligent and snuggly than they use to be. You'll be fine! *smiles wickedly!*

Coach J said...

Oh, good. I see stephanie is a rather intelligent lady!
Rats mutiply. They don't even need a partner of the opposite sex. They just have babies. Babies who get in every nook and cranny, and who crawl all up in your pantry space and nibble holes in the chocolate chips that you bought to make homemade cookies. And I wouldn't want you to miss out on homemade cookies! *wink, wink*
Not to mention all the droppings they'll leave behind when they scurry out of sight. Yuck.
I can't believe you're my friend, and you're getting your daughter a pet rat. I'm crazy! No, I'm perfectly sane. YOU'RE CRAZY!!

kreed said...

I may be in the minority, but I am all for a pet rat! They are smart and don't have to be housebroken and they can be left for a weekend without a sitter (can you tell I am disenchanted with all of the work that goes into our puppy?). I have personally met several great pet rats - they are far more fun than mice or hamsters despite the creepy tails!

annie said...

She is adorable! I have trouble not rewarding good behavior...
we used to buy a mouse when we would go to the mall. They were .99 cents at the pet store and at 11 years old I had no idea they were sold to feed to larger pets (and I'm glad I didn't know that)... anyway, one time we had our little mice in the paper boxes to take home and left them in the car while stopping at the store. One escaped and hid in the car. That was the end of mouse buying for me. Mom was freaked out thinking the mouse would run up her leg while she was driving. I think she finally set a trap to catch it. (OUCH)... don't tell Elizabeth!
Good luck with your new friend.
I have rabbits and goats... dogs and cats... but never a rat!

Jenileigh said...

Oh dear, you're going to have a pet rat. hmmmmm. You're a better mom than me. Heehee

Rochelle said...

lol! My daughter was in Bible Quizzing for the first time last year and I told her once she got to 40 verses she could have a gerbil. What was I thinking??? Pilot, the gerbil, has been a source of many posts. Quizzing just started and she is up to 14 and you know what she is asking for now? A friend for Pilot!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember, Nikki and Jeff had breeder rats for the first year or two of their relationship. (You know, to feed our snake.) i'm sure Elizabeth will be very happy.

Leigh Gray said...

my other friend just bought her son 2 rats................ i just never heard of such a thing. no way - not here. so i guess you odn't have cats!!

see ya