Saturday, December 01, 2007

And There Were TWO!

Elizabeth may be a happy girl that I didn't read my email before we left the house this morning. Some of your comments might have talked sense into me changed my mind. As it is, though, we went to Petco and are now the owners of pet rats.
Yes. Rats. As in, not one, but two!
We learned at the pet store that rats are very intelligent animals. The clerk told us about the adventures he had with his roommate's rat - the tricks they taught it, etc. - and he helped get me more excited about adding this critter to our family. He said it would be OK to buy a single rat, but the rats would probably like having a companion. I thought, If we're getting one, why not two??? So we got a new cage and two rats.
Maybe you think I'm crazy - I hope you will still be my friend. But I'm telling you, the joy on Elizabeth's face and in her voice as she looked at me and said, "Thank you so much, Mommy!" would get me to buy her just about anything. (Don't you dare tell her I just said that!!!)
I am not kidding. There was an amazing thrill that came over my heart as I realized just how happy it made Elizabeth to receive these pets. (And I hope the joy lasts a long time, because this was "Christmas" for her! She knows it, and was totally agreeable.) I know I cannot, nor do I want to, buy her love. But seeing her joy and imagining the memories she is storing up through situations like this one simply delights me.
So, there you have it. We have two pet rats now. Allison and Lacey. They are shy and a little nervous at the moment, as they are getting used to their new home. But I did manage to get a half-way decent picture of one of them.In a couple weeks, when they are feeling more "at home" I will be sure to post a better picture. (Yeah, because I have a new computer which has a place for the camera disc, and Brian showed me how to get pictures off of it, and I can do it all myself now. And I am so proud of me!!! *grin*)



Karen said...

Aaah runs off screaming. No seriously, rats don't worry me unless I was somewhere damp and cold and dark one night. What a hoot, I enjoyed these posts Karen.

Stephanie said...

I am not against pet rats btw. I have heard they are very intelligent and trainable. If i didn't have three other scurrying critters around my feed i might consider one. They can not be any more messy and unsanitary than my kids for goodness sake!

I hope Elizabath, Lacey and whatshername? get along swell for many years to come.

Wendy said...

I can think of much worse choices for pets than snakes or spiders. (Eww!)

And now that I think about it, my daughters have been wanting a pet of their own for awhile now, so you may have just inspired me to do something extra special for their Christmas this year (after I talk to my husband about it.) :)

momteacherfriend said...

I am not so much into rodent pets. And thankfully my kids have never asked. If they do, I guess we will be arranging a visit with Allison and Lacey. Enjoy!

And her face was really sad in previous post and I can imagine her joy over getting her hearts desire.

Coach J said...

Well, I'm glad your daughter's happy :)

Real World Martha said...

I use to have a rat named Cookies and Cream. He was very sweet!! Much better than hampsters!!!! Two and good as they can keep each other company!

Jenileigh said...

Ok, now I do believe you've officially lost it!!! Naw, just kidding, I'm proud of you too!

kreed said...

Congratulations on your new family members! Can't wait to hear updates as they do all kinds of fun and ratty things!