Sunday, December 16, 2007

Did You Notice?

OK, I guess my house is in too much disarray this morning. I got up to have my quiet time, and I could not find my Bible. BibleGateway to save the day! I typed in key words from yesterday's verse in Psalm 22 and - Presto! - I found my verse for today. I love it when I can use technology well. *grin*
So, after I memorized my verse for today I was looking around on the BibleGateway site and saw this verse of the day thing. It said I could put it on my own site, and if you look over to the can see I successfully added a verse of the day here at Surviving Motherhood. Yea!

Did you also notice the Survival Supporters? I think these companies would be of particular interest to my UK readers. Please click over and visit them! (By the way, one of the links isn't working properly...we're working on it.)

One more thing. Have you ever used BibleGateway? I discovered it recently and think it is just the coolest tool. It's like having a huge concordance of every Bible translation there is - right at your finger tips.

Tomorrow is looking like it will be a crazy busy day, but I will do my best to post for Memory Verse Monday. Have a great Sunday!

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Rachel said...

BibleGateway is great. Another great site is If you ever get an opportunity to sit and listen to a sermon, they have the greatest to choose from in my opinion!!!

Missy said...

Another site that will knock your socks off is

You can enter in any verse and get dozens of commentary on it - great for when you read something and think "what on earth does that mean?"

Warning - you could spend hours there!

Merry Christmas