Friday, December 07, 2007

got grace?

Thanks for all the nice comments about my new template. I'm glad you like it! *grin*

This week I have had a couple of opportunities to share a certain entry from my next book with women who were feeling bad about things they had forgotten to do. Since I haven't posted any of those entries here in awhile, I decided this morning I would share it with all of you, too. Especially with Christmas on the horizon and the extra stress we often feel at this time to "get everything done, and done right," I have a feeling our need for God's grace is particularly high.
I pray you'll be blessed!

What’s for dinner?

If it’s Sunday, the answer to the question, What’s for dinner? is always the same. Sunday dinner at my house always consists of frozen pizza - the self-rising kind - one cheese, and one pepperoni. Except for those occasions when one of the yummier varieties is on sale. And except for the other occasions, when I go to the freezer and realize I forgot to buy pizza at the store last Monday.
I remember one Sunday evening when the boys were going outside to play. As I was heading downstairs to get the pizzas out of the freezer, they were asking when to be home for dinner. I was opening my mouth to say, “Be home in half an hour,” when I changed my response to, “Awwww! I forgot to get pizza.” I turned to go back upstairs and muttered, “I’m such a dummy sometimes.” Joshua chimed in, “Just go to Little Caesars and get the Hot & Ready pizza. I like that kind better anyway!” While I appreciated his efforts to cheer me up, I still felt like a dummy. I thought, C’mon, Karen. You do the same thing every week. How could you forget such a simple thing? What are you going to forget next week? Milk?
This private berating had ended by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs. When I looked up I saw Matthew standing with his arms open toward me, and heard the most precious words come out of his mouth. “You're not a dummy, Mom. You just forgot. Everyone does that sometimes!” Then he smothered me with hugs and kisses.
His words were so simple, and so full of grace. I was angry with myself for a small oversight – already blowing it out of proportion – and Matthew was reminding me it really was not a big deal. You just forgot. Everyone does that sometimes. Such wisdom, flowing from the mouth of a six-year-old.
God used the words Matthew spoke to remind me of my need to receive and live in His grace every day. He showed me His grace abounds around me all the time.
*I am covered by the blood of Jesus and by His grace my sins are forgiven.
*He extends grace to me in the form of patience, as He gently and persistently speaks to me about something until I “get it.”
*I see God’s grace to me when I find the strength to make it through a situation which seemed impossible.
*His grace comes to me in the form of a friend who hugs me and speaks words of life to my weary soul.
*And I see God’s grace when someone recognizes my limitations and offers to help me out.
I have a tendency toward perfectionism - I want to do everything just right. But I am not perfect, and God knows it. He knows I will never get everything right. He knows I cannot do all things. And He still has not fired me as wife to Brian and mother to Elizabeth, Joshua and Matthew.
We’re in this thing together, God and I are! I am doing my best, but God is the best. Every day I am learning a little bit more what it means to trust Him. I am believing - by His grace - He will catch me when I fall and He will supply what I lack. The truth of the matter is I will never be perfect this side of heaven and, because of God’s grace, I don’t have to be!

I can still hear Matthew’s words echo in my mind. You’re not a dummy, Mom. You just forgot. Everyone does that sometimes. When it came to getting something on the table that night, Little Caesar’s came through for me. But the best part of dinner was the grace God poured out on me through Matthew.

Your Turn: Do you have a tendency to expect perfection from yourself, even though you may be able to extend grace to other people? Do you sometimes beat yourself up because of the “simple things” you forgot? In what areas of your life do you particularly need God’s grace today? Get a paper and pen and write those things down, then present it to God. You can come to Him – broken, overwhelmed, and feeling hopeless – admitting your need, and receive His grace.
God knows you cannot do and be everything. Only He is Almighty. Spend time in prayer praising God for Who He Is, and thanking Him for the grace He so freely gives.

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Sharon said...

I used to have a problem with the negative self talk.
God has been showing me lately that I need to be very aware of the lies that are being fed to me by satan.
Thoughts go through my mind and if I don't catch them-they change the way I am walking.
Now when I realize that I have been duped I remember the grace.
Thank yo for stopping by.
And yes, I like the new look. ;)

Rochelle said...

Okay... this has been much of the source of my blogging lately... YES... I'm sooooo bad about this!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Wonderful post and your blog is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful week.

KarenW said...

Thanks for the reminder of God's grace in our daily lives.