Monday, December 31, 2007

Loving Jesus MORE

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I spent Christmas day and several days surrounding it fighting off a cold, but we managed to make fun memories in spite of the sneezing. *grin*
While I have been on my blogging break, in addition to making the above mentioned memories (BTW, I will blog about some of them soon), I have been feeding a new addiction, i.e. reading Karen Kingsbury books. A few months ago a friend gave me a book by Karen Kingsbury which I simply loved. (Actually it was two books in one - One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning.) Just as I was about finished with the second book, this same friend sent me another one of Karen's books for Christmas.
This time she sent me Divine. I finished the book I was reading and got started on my new one. And I tore through the new one! The story itself is compelling, and made me do a lot of thinking.
But the thing that really drew me wasn't the fiction - it was the Truth. The Truth about Jesus - His incredible love. His Divine power. His willingness to forgive - everything. His ability to redeem shattered lives.
Our Savior is amazing.
I stayed up too late last night so I could finish reading and as I put the book down I realized I was more drawn to Jesus. More in love with Him. More wanting to be like Him.
If you have a chance to read this book, do it!

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Wendy said...

A very sweet woman at church once loaned me her copies of the Redemption series and I've been hooked on Karen Kingsbury ever since. Like you, I love the message of forgiveness through Jesus, and God's unending love for us.

Looks like I've got even more reason to get down to the library today and see if they've got this one on the shelf. :)

annie said...

Glad you had a merry Christmas, sorry about the cold! I'll have to look for the book Divine, sounds... well... divine :o)!
Happy New Year.

Rachel said...

Great to have you back! I love book recommendations. Someone just recommended "The Shack". I'll let you know how it is!!!

KarenW said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I guess it has to be good if it's written by a Karen. ;)

I had a bad cold at Christmas time too. It's good to feel better again. I hope you have a great new year!!

Anonymous said...

Love her books too!
An easy yet inspiring read!

Rochelle said...

I need to get that book. I find myself not reading much other than text books except in the summer. Bad, bad habit. But this one sounds like I need it! Happy New Year!

Leigh Gray said...

Happy New year my friend!!

Coach J said...

Your Christmas sounds like mine. Hopefully this cold is just about gone! :)
I {heart} Karen Kingsbury. Especially her series about the Baxters. If you've not read those, you need to start at the beginning. Talk about being hooked. You'll be reading 'til February!!

Jenileigh said...

I'm in a reading frenzie too only I'm reading Francine Rivers, The Lineage of Grace series, I just completed the Sons of Encouragement Series...enjoy!