Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Have I told you before that I am married to Mr. Wonderful? Well, I am. And if this post doesn't prove it, I don't know what will. *big grin*
Several months ago we received a cash gift and at that time Brian and I decided we wanted to use part of it to buy a Wii game system for the kids for Christmas.
A couple of times I asked the kids (to be sure it wouldn't be a waste of money) if they would like it if we ever got a Wii. Their response was always along the lines of, "Oh, yes, Mom! But we can't get one. They're too expensive." I would just nod and say, OK.
Well the time came to purchase said system and we couldn't find one in stock anywhere. Finally, Brian spoke with someone at Best Buy who told him there would be 100 systems available on a Sunday morning. The word on the street was people were going to start lining up at 4:00 a.m. Brian asked what "we" should do and I replied, of course, "he" should go for it. He debated about it, but when we went to bed Saturday night he told me to set the alarm for 4:00. He did tell me I could change my mind at anytime and go in his stead, and that would be OK with him.
See? Isn't he wonderful?
When the alarm sounded, Brian asked if I'd changed my mind. I think I laughed and turned off the alarm. So he arose and went out on the very cold morning to get in line at Best Buy.
As I laid in my warm, cozy bed I thought of my wonderful husband and thanked God for him. And much later, as I stood in my hot shower, I imagined Brian out in the cold and thought again of how wonderful he is.
Finally, shortly after 8:00 the phone rang. It was Brian and I asked him, "Did you get one?" He told me he was in line to check out with the Wii and I gave a quiet cheer. Then he said, "Yeah, but the people who got here at 7:30 also got one. *sigh*"
I tried to console Brian by saying, "But it makes you more wonderful that you got up at 4:00 to get it for the kids!" I'm not sure he was convinced...
If my words didn't make him feel wonderful, then the kids' reaction when they opened it up on Christmas sure did. Check this out!It was such a thrill for me to see how excited the kids were with this gift. The next morning I was laying in bed and could hear them talking. Joshua said, "I still can't believe we really go a Wii!" Matthew added, "Yeah. That is so cool!"
But that was only the beginning of the fun.We got Dance Dance Revolution/Hottest Party and have all been enjoying it. Our neighbor kids have been getting into it, too, especially now that we got a second dance pad. You can compete with each other for the highest score, or work together to achieve higher scores. Elizabeth and I have earned "Double A" twice. Granted, we got that score on "Beginner," but we were excited anyway!

When I am not dancing, I get the biggest kick out of watching Brian play Tanks. Joshua had previously enjoyed playing this particular game at his friend's house, and considered himself to be quite skilled at it. Well, shooting at things and blowing them up is great fun for boys, and I can see Mr. Wonderful still has a lot of boy in him! He has put in a good amount of practice time, and the kids think he is wonderful!
Joshua was expressing how impressed he is with Brian's success at Tanks and Brian said, "Well, what do you think I do after you go to bed? I sit here and play!" Joshua looked at me as if to say, Really, Mom? Does he play this when I'm in bed? I just smiled and shook my head. But I think he's still suspicious.
Here he is playing, while the kids look on in amazement. It's so fun to hear them say, "Dad, will you play Tanks with me?" They love getting to the higher levels that Brian helps them achieve.

Tonight Joshua and I played it together. I don't think we made it past level five...Guess I need to put in some more practice time! LOL

If someone had told me a game system could bring so much fun family time, I would have seriously doubted them. But we have enjoyed playing together so much on the Wii. I think this is the best gift ever!

I'm even seeing how it will help me stay in touch with the kids, but I'll share about that later.

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Annie said...

Love the picture! (the one with the open mouths!)
I waited in line at Target with Bailey for his wii last year. It was crazy! The first (and hopefully last) time I wait in line for a toy :o)! But, he has sure enjoyed it. We got him guitar hero III for Christmas for the wii and the kids have been enjoying it so much! Last year it was funny to see his gram and great aunt bowling with him on the wii.

momteacherfriend said...

If and when we put money into a game system it will definitely be the Wii.
My niece and nephew got one for Christmas and we have had a great time with Dance Dance Revolution.The kids are actually moving which is such a great thing.
Two thumbs up on family fun.

Anonymous said...

LOVE their reactions! That is awesome!


Shawna said...

Look at their faces!! We don't have any kids old enough to play Dance Dance yet so all the adults can hog it when they come over!!