Friday, January 11, 2008


Whew! This has been a busy week for me - which is why it has been so "quiet" in my corner of blogville.
I spoke for MOPS groups Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Normally, I do not schedule speaking engagements three days in a row like that and today I am pretty wiped out. But God is good and I know He will carry me through the activities ahead of me this weekend. (Joshua is turning 10 on Sunday and I will have eight fourth grade boys over here this evening for a birthday party. Yikes! LOL)
So what am I doing blogging, when I could be folding laundry or straightening up the house? (Yeah, as if those boys are going to care what the house looks like!) I just have to brag about God. I had a few God-Sightings this week and I want to tell you about them.

#1 Tuesday and Wednesday I was speaking on the west side of the state. When I scheduled those dates, I did it with some reservation because the west side tends to get hit really hard with snow. I was afraid I might get "cancelled" by snow days in January. But for some reason, those were the dates that worked.
Well, by Monday the temperatures here were in the 50s and all the snow was completely gone. As I lay in bed Monday night listening to the rain, and as I drove through it Tuesday morning, I thanked God over and over for the unseasonably warm air. If that rain had been snow, I just know MOPS would have been cancelled.
But God had it worked out.

#2 Tuesday I spent the night with one of the coordinators of the Wednesday MOPS group. (It just made more sense to stay on that side of the state, rather than doing a lot of extra driving back and forth.) Once when I woke up and rolled over to look at the clock, it wasn't on.
I realized the power had gone off.
My mind went to work on a list of "what if" questions and I began to consider whether MOPS would be cancelled or not if there was no power in the church. I was praying, telling God I knew He was in control and asking Him to, pretty please, restore power.
As I was saying, Amen, the power came back on. I am not kidding! I lay in bed with a huge grin, thanking God and asking Him if He was showing off, or building my faith.
Seriously, I thought it was so sweet of God to wake me up so I could see Him turn the lights back on. He didn't have to do that. But He did it, and to me it was as if He were saying, See, Karen? You don't need to worry. I have it all worked out.

#3 Then came Thursday morning. I don't know why I thought it was going to take me two hours to drive to the church at which I was speaking. I don't know why I didn't look more closely at the directions to figure out the time it would take. I don't know why, except that God knew I was going to miss an important road - and I was going to need that extra time.
When I realized the error I had made in driving and called the MOPS coordinator to let her know I was going to be later than I planned, I also found out I didn't really need to be there as early as I first thought. She had built a little extra time into our schedule that morning. I breathed a sigh of relief and could almost hear God say, See, My dear one? I told you I have it all worked out.
I just smiled and thanked Him, and watched for the right road.

Even in the midst of writing this post I happened to God caused me to look at the clock right at 3:30. Three-thirty is the time the alarm on my cell phone is supposed to go off, reminding me to walk up to school to meet the boys. But I got a new phone yesterday and have yet to figure out how to set the alarm - in fact, I completely forgot I needed to do it. So today the alarm was not going to be sounding.
No worries.
God has got me covered.
I walked to school singing love songs to Him, thanking Him for taking such good care of me, joyful for all my God-Sightings this week.

How about you? Any God-Sightings you want to share?

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Missy said...

I LOVE days like this. Days when you feel like Teacher's pet.

God is a stalker. Glory be. :)

By the way, even though I have four children four and under, I have it all together, I am not at all overwhelmed, so I probably won't stop back by your blog.

that was a good one!

Annie said...

I am reading your post while repeatedly listening to the song "When the night is falling," on rhapsody... I love the part that says, "how I love you, child I love you." and it just went perfect with your post. God is good and He takes such good care of us. This has been a week of prayer and fasting and I specifically prayed for wisdom and "answers" regarding Izzy. I got my answer. To trust Him, and this is just yet another confirmation of His care.

Jen @ irrationallove said...

thank you, thank you for sharing your more-than-glimpses of Him. it was so encouraging for me right now.

happyhome said...

The great thing is that God does things like that all the time...we/I just fail to see or recognize them for what they are - love notes from the Lord. Thanks for sharing yours.

Looking forward to hearing how your time with the different ladies groups went.

Wendy said...

The fact that our infinitely huge, all-powerful God, Creator of all things, loves us so much that He works out such "tiny" (compared to Him) things for us always amazed and astounds me. I mean, think about it...there are literally billions of people in the world, but He cares about YOU, He cares about ME, not just collectively as His children, but individually, as His daughters, each and every one of us. Amazing.

Wendy said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Joshua! :)

kreed said...

My word! You had a busy week! Rewarding though with all of those reminders of His grace and presence.

I am hoping you survived the party...that's a lot of boys in one place at one time...

Praise and Coffee said...

Hi Karen,
Looks like I just missed a couple more opportunities to see you!
Life is flying by these days.

I looked at your schedule and I don't see you over here again for a while.
Hopefully someday!

She Rose Up said...

Karen, great post! There have been many! These are just the kinds of things I adore to observe through out the day!

I know a very important one (4 me) was last night...but, it is a little detailed, & I think it would be best in a post...but I love the way you are pointing us to think & give thanks & praise!