Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Missy is Right!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime commented on my last post that she bets I hope lots of other people will "steal" my idea about prayer cues. And she is absolutely right!
Praying has become such a big part of my life. I love knowing God is present with me all the time and that He hears every word I utter. Over the years He has given me several prayer cues - things I see or hear which remind me to pray for someone - and as I share about them, it is my hope that many people will adopt the same ideas and build on their life of prayer.

I told you Monday about 11:11 and praying for my husband, and about praying for Matthew when he holds onto my neck, but there are more prayer cues.
I remember once driving to school to pick up the kids. I was sitting at a stop light, listening to the radio and singing along, "Oh speak. Speak to me. I'm as quiet as I can be, so speak. Speak to me." Just then I looked at the road sign which contained the name of the secretary at school. What's that, Lord? Are you speaking to me?
I was considerably early to pick the kids up (Wonder Who planned that out???) so I went in to the school and asked the secretary if there was something about which I could pray for her that afternoon while I waited. She told me God knew the need, so I went back and sat in my van and prayed for her.
Now, whenever I hear "Speak to Me" on the radio, I turn it off and pray for this dear woman. And, I'm telling you, I hear that song quite a bit. Not sure if the rest of the listening audience hears it, but I trust God is calling me to pray.
I have found another prayer cue more recently. A woman in a MOPS group, for whom I will be speaking soon, told me about a sad occurance in her life and said it was a "total bummer." Ever since then I have heard myself saying the word "bummer" in response to things, and when I hear that word I think of this woman and ask God to comfort her heart. Honestly, before this situation I cannot recall myself saying that word as often as I do now.
And there's another. My daughter told me once that sometimes Satan tries to tell her she isn't good enough, because sometimes she "forgets" about God. She knows that isn't true, but it seemed to trouble her. For Christmas I bought her a silver ring with Jesus' name engraved on it - to help her remember. She wears it all the time. And whenever I notice the ring, I pray for her and ask God to help her remember Him.

It has been my desire to become more sensitive to God's call to pray continuously, and to be aware of His Spirit's leading to pray for specific people and situations. I believe these prayer cues around me are a means He uses to foster my prayers, and I love it!
He is always present and wanting to hear from us.
Isn't He Wonderful???

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annie said...

Yes, yes He is!

Rachel said...

Another one....When I hear sirens, I've taught my children to pray. Whether it be an ambulance, a fire truck or a police car. If we can see, we specifically pray out loud in the car. If we're at home, we just generically pray for where they are headed. It's funny. Because sometimes sirens will start to go when our moods are not-so-much prayer moods and it changes everything!!!
Wonderful cue. Thanks for sharing yours!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I LOVE this. I am going to give this a lot of thought. Later. After I get all the glitter off the floor and get one kid out of time out and change one diaper and clean the kitchen and try and do a load of laundry and get out of my pyjamas before noon.


Shawna said...

Wow! Isn't He amazing? My cues are a little different in that just a certain person comes to my mind and I get a strong since of urgency to prayer for them. This has happened several times, and I don't always find out what's going on in that person's life. But, I believe that if we are open to the cues, God can really use us. It's also a comfort to me thinking maybe God brought my name to another person in my time of need.