Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's My Fault

The kids don't have school today, and I am convinced it's all my fault.
You see, last night I picked up Matthew's back pack to move it away from the basement steps (Who left it there????) and noticed it was rather heavy. When I looked inside I discovered Matthew's very wet snow pants in a ball. I took them out (Matthew was already in bed, or I would have had him take care of them...) and laid them over the back of a chair over a heater vent.
Yes, Matthew will sure be thankful I took care of these snow pants tomorrow, I thought. It would be a bummer to go to school with wet snow pants.
His wet shoes were in the back pack under the wet snow pants, so I took them out and laid them on the heater vent.
Yep, he'll be thankful for this, too, I thought.

This morning I got up early to go into Fitness Together. As I sat down to put on my shoes I noticed Matthew's wet gloves sitting by my shoes. By now his shoes were plenty dry, so I set them aside and put the gloves over the vent. There were still two and a half hours until he would need to leave for the bus stop and I knew the gloves would be dry by then. Thinking about how lucky my little guy is that he has such a nice mom (LOL) I went off to meet Jessica and get my work out.
When I walked into the studio, the man who works out the same time as me was on the treadmill watching the news. He asked me, "Do your kids go to Okemos schools?" I said, "Yes," wondering why he wanted to know. That's when I found out school was cancelled today. I said, "What??? The roads are fine!" Apparently these sub-zero wind chills are enough to call school off for the day. (Some would call it living in the Arctic. Right, Renee? *grin*)

That's when it hit me.
*I noticed the wet snow pants and shoes and set them out to dry.
*I saw the wet gloves and took care of them, too.
*I considered it a "good thing" they weren't going to be wet this morning, because Matthew sure would be miserable otherwise.

And now it doesn't matter, because school's cancelled.

But you know, if I had left them in the back pack and corner all cold and wet, school would NOT have been called off. A manifestation of Murphy's Law, I'd say!

As it is, the kids are enjoying their day off and Matthew's snow pants, shoes and gloves are STILL hoovering around the heater vent.
But no one has thanked me for my part in today's treat. Oh, well. At least Matthew's gear will all be toasty tomorrow!

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Maddy said...

Well if we're playing the blame game I'll win hands down!
Best wishes

Happyhome said...

Apparently here in TX they cancel school if there is a CHANCE it might snow. Being from the Northwest, that makes me laugh!

You get and A+ today mom!


annie said...

Better safe than sorry :)
It's so windy here in OK, snow chances tomorrow... I sure hope they don't cancel school ...
I'll be sure to hide all the coats tonight just in case.

Wendy said...

You're absolutely right, Karen. If you hadn't set them out to dry, school wouldn't have been cancelled. (And someone would've complained that you didn't dry their things, right?) I used to live in the Midwest...I remember what that's like. ;)

realworldmartha said...

That sounds cold!
Here's a "Thank You" as you may not here until around 35 :)


Stacey said...

Hi Karen. I somehow stumbled across your blog (still can't remember how!) and just wanted to say "thank you." I read through several of your posts and just wanted to thank you for your faithfulness to God and for encouraging others (mom or not) to hang in there. And especially making sure that it's God they are hanging onto :) Be encouraged...He is using you! Blessings,

KarenW said...

Murphy's Law always seems to work! Stay warm!