Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Pictures!

My wonderful web designer just added a photo album to my website. I hope you'll take a peek!
I don't know why it took me so long to decide to post pictures. However, now that we're doing it I will try to remember my camera and collect pictures of all the wonderful groups for whom I speak!
Telling you about these pictures reminded me I had previously promised a pic of me with one of Elizabeth's rats. If you are new here, the story behind the rats is here.
So, without further ado (and because Elizabeth desperately wants to use my computer to get on Webkinz...) here I am with Lacey.I have finally admitted to Elizabeth I think the rats are cute. I needed to get over my "thing" about them being rats and now that I can look at them as critters, I honestly do think they're cute. Elizabeth is having a blast with them. She thanks God (and me!) for them every day. They are requiring more responsibility from her and they actually interact with us.
OK, I'll admit it. I was wrong. The rats make great pets.
And you can quote me on it!

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annie said...

I love seeing the pictures of you Karen!!!

Karen said...

Oh you look beautiful Karen. So young, trim and gorgeous! And smiling with a rat on your shoulder and a Bee Joyful Teeshirt. What a delight you are.

Wendy said...

Sometimes it's okay to be wrong, even for a mom. :)

Love the tee shirt!

kreed said...

Look how happy you look in that picture - and all because rats make grat pets, right?!?! :)

Shawna said...

That's so cute. You and the rat!! I love the picture album idea.