Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Blog Site!!!

I am planning to write the second part of yesterday's post on Monday, but for today I want to help spread the word about a new blog our friend, Shawna, has started.

Teen Lit Review
Real Reviews for the Christian Parent

When it comes to what is acceptable entertainment for children, there are many places to turn for information. With movies, you have a rating to guide you and reviews you can read with detailed information about the movie and their content. With video games, there are also ratings and places online to get reviews and content details. There are even Christian websites that give these reviews and details from a family-friendly perspective.

However, with books, it is difficult to find a review from a Christian perspective. There are no “ratings” on a book. Book jackets don’t go into much detail. Reading is something all parents encourage, and many of us have children who read A LOT! But, just what are they reading?

Teen Lit Review is a new blog where you can find detailed Christian-centered book reviews for all genres of 'tween and teen books. Their goal is to be a helpmate to parents in finding suitable books for their teens.

Please visit Teen Lit Review and let them know what you think! They have a drawing you can enter for a great read for your teenager!

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Wendy said...

What an excellent resource. Thanks for sharing this.

Shawna said...

Thank you so much. This wasn't all my idea though. My friends Angi from and Tamara from have worked really hard.