Thursday, May 15, 2008

The "E" Award

I have a new blogging friend, Angela, at Becoming Me. I simply love her openness and honesty as she shares with her readers the journey on which God is taking her. The journey of becoming who He has created her to be.

Becoming Me.

That's where we all are, isn't it? Somewhere between who we were and who He is making us? I love to consider that God is making me beautiful; that one day I will be who He has created me to be. Until then, I am becoming.
And so is Angela. If you haven't already, you really must go visit her!

So, the other day she popped over here to tell me she was giving me an award. The "E for Excellence" blogging award. Thank you so much, Angela. I am delighted that you think my blog is excellent.

I am also delighted that I get to pass this award on to another excellent blogger. And I know just who I want to send it to. Do You Weary Like I Do? Seriously, every time I read her title I sigh and respond, "Yes!!!!" I think I like her so much because I can tell she's the real deal, and that is so important to me. And I am amazed by her because she has four sons and hasn't lost her mind! LOL Do go pay her a visit. You'll be glad you did.

And thanks, again, Angela. You have blessed me. *grin*

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luvmy4sons said...

Oh wow! Thank you so very much! It is so nice to be in this together...helping each other along. I thank you sweet sister for thinking of me!

Teresa said...

I have four boys too! I just wrote about surviving life with all men on my blog. Check it out at

Blessings to you!

Becoming Me said...

Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad I found your blog a few months ago!

kreed said...

4 boys! Wow! How did the party go? Did I miss the post?

Rochelle said...

I just found Becoming Me yesterday! And I can alread tell I will be spending time there. :)

Dakota's Mom said...

Thanks for the tip on some great reads!