Friday, May 30, 2008

A Plea to all Homeowners

It has been a long, yet productive (or destructive, depending on how you look at it...), week of yard work with my mom. And I'm tired!
Many times over the past few days I have thought some "not nice" things about the previous owner of my house. Who - I am quite sure - never pulled a single weed, trimmed a tree, thinned a bush, split plants, or divided bulbs. I had no idea how much work my mom and I would face this week.

And so my plea to all homeowners is this:
For the sake of the person who will one day live in your house and care for your lawn, please, please, PLEASE don't let the yard get overgrown and out of control!!!

Getting "before" pictures slipped my mind at first, but I did get this one before we got started on one corner of the house.
And here's one of my mom at work!
We did lots of digging, splitting, dividing, pruning and bagging. And there's lots more to do. But I need a rototiller. The root systems on some of the plants and weeds are just tooooo much for me. I'm calling in the big guys!
After that's done and we treat the tilled areas with weed killer stuff I'm going to plant grass seed over most of it. I'll do a couple simple bush thing-ys, but we're keeping it simple.

And if anyone needs daffodil bulbs to plant in the fall, and you're going to be in the Okemos area next week, stop by. There's a neighborhood garage sale happening next weekend and I have TONS of bulbs I'm putting out "free to a good home." *grin*

Well, that's the update for this week, my friends. My next major project (besides finishing the yard work...UGH!) is to get my book published this summer. You'll be hearing more about that in the days to come!

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P.S. Besides the grumbling I was doing at the previous owner of my house, there was one other thought which kept running through my mind as I was digging up weeds and unwanted plants. Gardening 101 should be a required course for all seminary students. There are a lot of sermon illustrations to be found when one is dealing with roots!


Jodi said...

Yard work.. fun, fun! NOT! I have to do mine, but not until next weekend, this weekend I will be in the kitchen making cookies for church.

Oh man... why do you have to be so far away.. I would love to have some of the bulbs!

I *love* Karen Kingsbury. I have read just about every book she has written. How are you liking Redemption?

annie said...

We've been playing catch up on our yard too! Since Izzy's accident I haven't had time or interest in it and now I regret not making time... It's coming along though. It's nice you had your mom to help and keep you company.

luvmy4sons said...

LOL! Looks like you are headed in the right direction for the next home owner. I love the comment about sermons seen while working with roots. Get some rest here and there but keep up the good work...remember menopause is around the corner! LOL!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Guilty... I don't get it... I don't understand some of the stuff I'm supposed to do... and getting the lawn mowed is an accomplishment in and of it self... at least for me...

however, my pastor used to be in the landscaping biz before/while in school and so, trust me, I've heard LOTS of landscaping analogies over the past 18 months... :D so you're right about that!

JanMary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and posting the pics.

Looking forward to hearing more about the book!

realworldmartha said...

looks like a lot of work! A house has never ending work doesn't it?

When it's done it sure is a great feeling though.

Can't wait to hear about your new book!



Anonymous said...

Glad to see your getting to the (ROOT) of things. Start preachin it:)

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

LOL! Yard work is like paying bills, it just keeps popping up every week and somebody (or bodies) need to take care of it! Of course gardening is a better workout... (smile) Even after splitting my hostas, they are still growing at an alarming rate. I believe they are secretly planning a "hostile" takeover!

Hope all goes well with your book. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

kreed said...

Oh my...that looks like a SERIOUS project. If it were me I woud have some majorly sore muscles!

Alisun said...

My hubby and I purchased a home in my home town about 3 years back the previous owner was a flower freak I use the term loosely every part of the yard was a garden. She became ill and did nothing for years, digging bulbs moving roses and tilling flower under just to find a place for our kids made me hate flower beds. BUT and it's a big but I have gotten over this a season later with the yard showing threw. Good luck!

Rochelle said...

I enjoy yard work... as long as I tackle it before it gets like that! Wow! You have worked hard!! I need to do a little in mine but crutches and yard work don't mix that well!!

Sandy said...

Hi Karen
We had a similar situation when we bought our house. But we know what we are getting into ... LOL!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

I am enjoying your blog soo much! Sadly I am guilty of yarn neglect. ~sigh~ I guess I'm surviving mother hood and home maintenance~LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

HA! I wrote "yarn" instead of "yard"~can you tell I'm DYING to start my next afghan? LOLOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi