Friday, May 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged

At the bus stop and in the blogosphere, the game of tag is being played. And MamaChristina has tagged me in the blogosphere. Now what I am supposed to do is share six uninteresting things with you here on my blog. And I don't know how I am going to accomplish this task, because I am such an incredibly interesting person. *sigh*

But I will do my best.

First, I love to joke around with people and use sarcasm - which sometimes gets me into trouble. If people don't know me well enough, sometimes they don't realize I am being sarcastic and then they think I'm not nice. Like the comment I made above about being an incredibly interesting person - I was being sarcastic!

Second, I let my son go to school with dirty shorts on today. OK, he didn't think they were dirty, but our standards are different. We got into an argument about the shorts and he gave me a speech about the fact that kids don't walk around scrutinizing one another's clothes, looking for dirty spots. I pointed out why I thought they didn't look good, but then had to consider if the battle was really about the shorts or simply a power struggle. I finally decided we were down to a battle of the wills and - not wanting to go there (and realizing the shorts really don't matter in the grand scheme of things) - I said, "Fine. Wear the shorts."

Third, sometimes I annoy my son. During the above mentioned conflict I reprimanded my son for yelling at me, to which he replied, "Well, Mom, sometimes you annoy me." I tried to reason with him but he was past the point of reasoning and just yelled at me more, so I sent him to his room to cool off. When his "time" was up, I told him he could come out of his room. He did. And he even apologized for yelling at me.

Fourth, I am not "It" at the bus stop. Every morning since I posted about playing Tag at the bus stop, we have been playing Tag until the bus comes. Most days I'm "It" when the bus comes around the corner, so I start off as "It" the next day, too. But not today. So siree! Somehow I managed to avoid being the last one tagged.

Fifth, I am not cooking dinner tonight. I'm taking the kids out to eat! Whenever I go away overnight, I always have dinners prepared for Brian and the kids so my absence is a little easier on my dear husband. One day I wondered, Gee, why doesn't Brian make dinners for me when he goes away? *humph* (Sarcasm, again!) So when he's gone I usually find a way to make it a little easier on myself. You know, Hamburger Helper, pancakes, simple stuff. Well, he's been gone this week and I decided, since Matthew has a certificate for a free kids meal at Applebee's, tonight we're going out!

Finally, I virtually never wear shirts that button up. This is a truly uninteresting, random fact about me, which I just "discovered" last night. I even looked in my closet to see if I own any button-up shirts and there is only one. A red satin blouse which I only wear at Christmas time. I know I had a couple others, but I think I probably got rid of them when we moved last summer.

So, there you have it. Six uninteresting things about me. I hope it wasn't too painful. *grin*

And now I am supposed to tag some other bloggers. Christina tagged three, so I'll follow her lead.


Have fun with it, friends!

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luvmy4sons said...

Okay, I totally lost it on, "But mom, somtimes you annoy me!"

Jodi said...

I have different standards on how clean/dirty clothing is as well.. *sigh*

I will get to this a little later today, I have to go pick up Trent from school.

Rochelle said...

I wrote you this long comment this morning and it got lost in cyber space! LOL that your son said you annoy him. When my daughter was 6 she told me I frustrate her. :)

This was a fun one. I posted my 6 uninteresting facts about me this morning!