Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Call Me Crazy!

Six months ago my daughter came home with a sign on her shirt which said, "I want a rat." Do you remember that event?
Some of you thought I was crazy for getting her said pet. But I did it anyway, and I was glad to delight her heart so much.

Then the little critters started growing on me. I got over the fact that they're rats (Elizabeth always comes to their defense. "They aren't sewer rats. They're domesticated!") I held them and admitted that I think they're kinda cute.
And some of you continued to think I'm crazy.

Well, I've gone and done it again!
Elizabeth decided she wanted to have a party for her rats to celebrate their birthday. We really have no idea the actual date of their birth, but choosing to have a party for them on the last day of school seemed good to Elizabeth, so she declared June 11 as their birthday.
She went to the pet store and bought them a present and she visited her favorite "rat website" to find out what she could give them for a birthday treat. Elizabeth then asked me if I would buy a low-fat muffin she could give the rats as their "birthday cake."
I thought about it for about ten seconds awhile and told her I didn't think the grocery store sold individual muffins - and if they did, I doubted they would be low-fat. But I said I would make muffins for her. So my industrious young lady got online and found a recipe for low-fat muffins which had no dairy in them. (Dairy is a no-no for rats.) And last night I baked "birthday cake" for the rats.
(Of course, the rats only got one of them. The rest are for dinner. When Brian heard what I was doing he said, "You're going to feed us rat food???" "No, Silly! The rats are eating people food!")

So, with all the preparations made - today, we partied!
Joshua's friend also has pet rats and they were invited over for a "play date." Seriously, that's what Elizabeth called it - a rat play date.
They all shared one muffin. There were really four rats, but they wouldn't all get around the muffin at the same time.
Then it was time to open presents. This part was particularly funny to me. Somehow the kids thought the rats would understand what was going on and would "know how" to open their present. They tried to entice them by putting the cake on top, but that didn't work, either.
In the end, the kids wound up opening the toy for the rats - which is how birthdays usually work around here anyway. You know - excited kids, opening each other's presents. The rats went back to playing and enjoying "cake."

So, there you have it. Today I was a willing participant in a birthday party for rats. Call me crazy if you must, but we had a good time. *grin*



km said...

I know it seems crazy on the parent end...but your kids think you rock! And I do have memories...and somewhere a photo...of me feeding a hamster a donut hole sitting on the kitchen table. I'm not sure if it was my birthday or the hamster's. Thanks for sharing.

annie said...

You're crazy!
A crazy good mom. You're kiddos are so lucky. I doubt I would handle that with half the grace, I would be doing a lot of screaming and climbing on chairs :).
It's kind of funny to imagine me, a six foot one person afraid of a little rodent. Maybe I'm the crazy one :)

Mike said...

Birthday party for rats? Hmm.


luvmy4sons said...

Too funny. The things we do for our kids! I think it is great. Your daughter and my second son might not get along too well...her rats look just like the ones I thaw for his snake! Sorry! People can't believe I actually purchase, store, and then thaw rats for a snake either! But I am a little nuts like you!

momteacherfriend said...

I found this rather humorous.
Hope you enjoyed your "rat" food.

We have three toads in the kitchen at the moment. I don' forsee any parties for them in the future but one never knows.

Coach J said...

CRAZY!!! {Eyes rolling}
Yuck. But you already knew that, didn't you??!!??

Anonymous said...

eeew. I guess I'm not a mom yet. 'cause this still weirds me out.

Amanda said...

I have never been afraid of rats... so I don't find this to be crazy at all.. and to be honest, I could never tell the difference between a rat/gerbal/hampster anyway!
Looks like a really neat way to spend a few hours, and I love how you interacted with your little darling about it all.
Very good mommying if I don't say so myself. ;)
God bless-

KarenW said...

What a fun memory for you and your kids!

realworldmartha said...

That is sooo cute! You are cultivating her love for animals and that's a good thing!

And rats aren't so bad.

Alisun said...

We did the same thing when it was Winston’s birthday He loved it!! He is a hamster but also a rodent too my Brooke just loved it.

Julie said...

Oh, you are a really good mom....

I don't even want my dog in the house...... after all he is a black lab who SHEDS by the boat load in the summer time.

What memories your daughter will have....