Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here We Go!!!

I've made my list. (Or would that be their list?)
The kids have received a pep-talk from me.
We've gone over guidelines and expectations.
I just supervised them sorting laundry and getting a load put into the washer.

I think we're ready to get started!

You may recall, I am not "working" this week. Mom's off duty when it comes to house-work!!! And I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.
Will the kids work well together?
Will they learn a valuable lesson, or is it going to back-fire on me?
Am I going to be able to stick to my commitment to not pick up and wipe up and clean up?
Are the kids going to rise to the occasion - as I know they can - and completely amaze me with their diligence and positive attitudes?
In being responsible for keeping up the house this week, will they realize how much I do every day, and decide to take better care of their own stuff?
Or will they resent me for making them work so hard?

I truly see potential for wonderful benefits this week. I know it could foster teamwork. My kids have already had some fun doing laundry during "training" last week, and at the moment they are all running around playing tag together. I know it is not beyond God to use this week of "Mom's Off Duty" to create fun memories for my kids and strengthen their relationships. And I am praying He'll do just that.

As for me, I have finished going through my Finding Joy manuscript. I have sent it to a couple other speaker/authors to obtain their endorsement. I have made copies for the women in my small group to read and offer feedback. This process went much quicker than I had anticipated, which means my work is on hold, until I get this feedback from my friends.

Sooooo, my kids are taking care of household chores this week. My book is on hold again. This leaves me with only one question.

What am I going to do all week?????

Oh, the possibilities. I'll keep you posted! *grin*

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luvmy4sons said...

I wait on pins and needels to see how this turns out. I have never ever done something that long....a day maybe a few hours...but a WHOLE week?! You go girl! I hope that it works for you....can't wait for the report. I will be praying!

Melissa said...

Find a couple of good books you've been meaning to read - prop your feet up - and bury your nose in them!

Good luck with your "week off!"

screamofcontinuousness said...

Do what "Marmee" did; make yourself unavailable. Go out, have coffee with a friend that you don't normally have time for.

Not all day of course, but just enough to make it really clear that they have to function on their own.

can't wait to hear the report. Please don't make us wait till the end of the week.

Becoming Me said...

What a great week you shall have.