Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Job Description

OK, I freely admit I am not always, er, often, er, ever the quickest to catch on to things. It usually takes me a while to get into what's "new" - to the extent that I tend to get into what's "been around." All that to say, I finally got myself onto Facebook last week.
I must say, it's been fun getting in touch with some friends from high school. (Hard to believe my 20th class reunion will take place next summer!) But the most fun for me was in writing my job description. What do you think?

On duty 24/7; limited breaks, two days vacation per year guaranteed.
Must be willing to love short people who will insult you (or compliment you, depending on how you look at it...) by calling you "mean."
Cooking, cleaning, laundering, helping with homework, moderating, board-game playing, and occasional tree climbing are required activities.
KEY RESPONSIBILITY IS TRAINING OF THE NEXT GENERATION. You would do well to realize early on that you are incapable of successfully executing this requirement. Fall fully into the arms of God, knowing His grace is sufficient and trusting Him to lead you.
So there you have it! I'm a mom. That's what I "do."

And soon, I will tell you about a great way I have "gotten with the times" in communicating with my son. Fun stuff!

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Becoming Me said...

Loved this

Rochelle said...

I feel a little less guilty after reading this! Thanks! :) It's good to be a mom!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ah, so true! That's exactly what it's all about.

I am slightly addicted to Facebook, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it ! such an apt description.

and a beautiful attitude and dependence on God.

luvmy4sons said...

Love love this description. Perfectly worded. Loved the part about not being able to perform the task and falling into the arms of God. AMEN!

Jodi said...

HAHA! Good one! I love "short people who will insult you.." In my case, two of my teens are taller than I am, so I guess I have to love "tall people," too! :)

Amanda said...

I love it! Ha! You are too cute. Thanks for letting me smile... too much crying already today! lol

God bless-

Shawna said...

I love it!! I'll look you up on Facebook!