Thursday, July 24, 2008

HE Comforts

This morning as I was getting dressed, I put my hand in my pocket and found a verse which I had left there the last time I wore these shorts. As it always is, God's timing was perfect. I read these words and knew God was speaking to my heart today - just as He did the day I choose to carry this verse the first time.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.
Psalm 94:19
I don't know about you, but I am quite familiar with anxiety. No need for me to study that word any further.
But consolation? When I hear that word, I think consolation prize - loser. And I began to wonder how being a loser applies to this verse, so I grabbed my handy Webster's Dictionary and looked up "consolation." This is what it said: the act or an instance of consoling: the state of being consoled: COMFORT.
And I put the definition into the verse. What do you think about this?
When anxiety was great within me, your act of comforting me brought joy to my soul.
I read this verse and am reminded that our concerns matter to God. When we are anxious about something, God doesn't turn His head away and expect us to figure out a solution. According to this verse, He comforts us.
What do you suppose He might say? Imagine with me.

My precious child, I know you are concerned about this situation. I know you have been waiting for an answer. I know it doesn't seem like I'm moving, and sometimes you wonder if I have forgotten you. Beloved, I have not forgotten. And I am moving. Dear one, though My timing does not make sense to you right now, though you are having a hard time waiting because you cannot see the end - as I can, though you doubt if you are going to make it through this trial, I am asking you to trust Me. Be anxious for nothing, child, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to Me. (Phil. 4:6) I am listening. I love you. And in My perfect time, I will bring an end to your waiting. Just trust Me, darling. Trust My love for you.

Are you needing this comfort today? I have several friends who are in waiting patterns right now. One friend has a daughter with a blood disease - which they thought would be healed by now. Another friend is waiting to adopt her daughter and is facing one obstacle after another. There is a family at my church whose son is suffering from a brain illness and they have been watching inch-worm-slow progress over the past year, waiting for this boy's full recovery. Some of you may be familiar with Leslie's story. (If you aren't, click over there are pray for her!)
I pray for each of these families regularly. Yes, I pray for healing and the resolution of their situations. But today I am reminded God will comfort them in the middle of their waiting - their anxiety - and I know He will work good from the waiting through which they must go, as He comforts them and brings joy to their souls.

And you, my friend? Are you waiting for something today? Is anxiety great within you? Please receive the comfort God is offering to you. He loves you so much, and I know He will bring the waiting to an end. In His perfect time.

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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Great post! I was looking at the side-bar at the book, "Confessions of an irriatbel mother"..this is where i feel overwhelmed in life today.....motherhood. I know it's just the end of summer blues, but I know I still have to give them 100% each day.....and today, they are lucky to get 10% of me!! AHHH. Yes, comfort from motherhood. =)

Lex said...

Oh how much I needed this scripture today. I prayed this morning for God to help me through my anxiety and panic. I prayed for His answer. Thank you for being his vessel.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh how hard it is to wait on the Lord at times...but so much work is done in our hearts through the waiting. Encouraging words today. Thank you.

Amanda said...

Now that is one powerful post!! Wow. You have such a way with words... such a way of presenting your perspective of God's Word but still faling within Scripture.. I just adore it!!

Thank you for sharing some of His grace with us today!!!!

MAny blessings-

Rachel said...

Such a great thing to be praying for Leslie and her family right now. Thanks for posting this. So cool that the verse was in your pocket to get used a 2nd time on you :)
R <><

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Karen - oh, how I needed this today. Yes, I am struggling with two huge timing things in my own life right now, and this week I was at my wits end. I am bookmarking this post so that I can come back here and drink this in. Thank you so very much.

Leah said...

Awesome thoughts!! I think we all have moments when anxiety grips us and we need that reminder from God that He is already taking care of whatever the problem is. We simply must wait for His timing and rest in Him!!

Have a blessed weekend!


Shane, Greta, Seth and Gage Owens said...

Wow- thank you for posting this! You are one amazing child of God! Thank you for your faithful prayers. They have brought answers. I am being So comforted by my God and I will forever be thankful of Him comforting me. The answers are not what we want yet. but the answers are just that I am finally realizing that God is there and He really doesn't leave us!!!!

Rochelle said...

I admit, sometimes I forget to turn to Him to find this kind of comfort... thank you for this post.

Renee Blain said...

Because God's timing is perfect - I just read this post this morning. I woke up praying for peace so I would not spend the day anxious about Allie's every move - I am writing the verse out and putting it in my pocket today!
Thanks for sharing it and for the great prayer. It really touched me this morning.
Love ya-

Cristina said...

I wept as I read this post today. This is the very thing I have been wrestling with for weeks now. There seems to be no anwers, no direction, no comfort....just the unknown future and current sufferings in our lives. Thank you for the "imagined response" you typed out.

Kristi O said...

I am new to your blog and this post really touched me. thank you