Tuesday, July 08, 2008

HE Forgives

When I wrote HE Speaks, I was not intending to start a series. But my plans are not always His plans. (Oh, that could be another post ~ HE Decides!) I have found His plans are always better.

And last night God spoke to me about another post to write for you.

HE Forgives.

It was after 10 o'clock and I was trying to get the boys to bed. Joshua went rather willingly, but Matthew put up a fight. He complained that he wasn't tired and wouldn't be able to fall asleep. He said it wasn't fair for me to make him stay in bed. He got out of bed several times to protest.
We stood in the kitchen and Matthew was yelling at me. I interrupted him to make a statement and he yelled at me for interrupting. He said he had wasn't finished talking and I "had to listen." I informed my defiant little friend that I was finished listening to him, and nothing he was going to say would change his bed time. I reminded him clearly and firmly that his summer bed time is 10 o'clock, he must listen to me and obey, and if he got out of bed again there would be consequences to pay.
With that, Matthew turned to go to his room and on the way he yelled, "I am not going to listen to you tomorrow or the next day, either!"

And with that, I went to my room to get myself ready for bed.

Four or five minutes had passed since Matthew's proclamation and I was in my bathroom washing my face. Suddenly I noticed a visitor at my door.
I looked down, and there was Matthew. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and simply said, "I'm sorry." And as he spoke I could hear the tears in his voice. It was very obvious to me that the Holy Spirit had been operating on the heart of my defiant little friend for the past four or five minutes, and I felt my own tears coming as I savored his repentant heart.
I returned his embrace, rubbed his head and assured him, "I forgive you."
Five words exchanged. Not much of a conversation. But so much went between us in those moments. It was wonderful.

As I stood there with Matthew holding tightly to me - and he was holding tightly! - I couldn't help but recognize the picture God was painting for me of Himself.
Just as I didn't stop loving Matthew when he was fighting me on bedtime, God doesn't stop loving us when we are rebelling against Him. And just as I was willing to forgive his defiance and rebellion when Matthew approached me with a repentant heart, God freely forgives us, too.
The trembling in Matthew's voice as he apologized and the tension which left him when I said, "I forgive you," told me how sorry he was and how much he wanted reconciliation. In my mind I was thinking, Matthew, of course I will forgive you. You are my son and I love you. I will always forgive you, my child.

And I smiled as I realized my ability to forgive is so far superseded by God's. I can forgive an offense, but God? HE really forgives.

***I don't want to ruin the "mood" of this post, but I do want to give you a bit more information about the interview I am doing on WLGT Blog TalkRadio on July 17. You can click on the blog talkradio button in my sidebar at 8:00 pm EST (Better yet, make it 7:55 so you have time to get acquainted with their site!) to listen in. And you will notice a call in number...I hope lots of you will pick up your telephones and call in to participate in the interview. I think it would be so much fun to talk with you!!!

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Mrs. Sidney said...

Sometimes it can be hard to ask for forgiveness yet it feels so good when we know we are forgiven. Thank you for the post and thank you for the encouraging words today!!


Heather said...

I feel so encouraged by this post, your previous post, and all your posts. Discipline is so frustrating right now for us too. you are right that we can't raise these kids on our own, we need Christ's strength. I think I know how you are feeling and I'm praying for you Karen during this time but God is using your struggles to encourage my heart and the heart's of many others I'm sure. Sometimes God allows us to go through rough times not for us necessarly, but to minister to others. Thank you for your openess and your willingness to share your heart and your life.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

What a beautiful picture of how the Father loves and forgives us. I love how the Holy Spirit is working in the heart of one so young...so precious.

Amanda said...

OH...how I hope to instill this feeling...this desire to make it right with God... in my kids! I will be okay with failing at so many others things, but not in their relationship with God. I just can't bear that.
I am so proud of your boy and proud of your for knowing exactly how God wants us to handle that situation.
Mnay blessings-

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Elizabeth said...

what a sensitive spirit! i hope that my tulip will be that sensitive to the Holy Spirit's urgings. Well put post & it is such a great picture of how our relationship truly does work with God. Thanks...

Dakota's Mom said...

Can you put a warning on these??? Making me cry at work and all. ;) Thank you for sharing. We've been struggling with bedtime. Your words are a nice reminder that we're all in God's hands.

StaceyStace said...

Wow. That is so good, Karen!