Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Change in Plans

So, that family that was going to stay with us last night? Spent the night in the New York airport instead. I don't know all the details - missed flights, only two seats available on the next flight (They needed four.) - but it all came down to them spending the night in the airport in New York and getting to Michigan this afternoon. And now they're at their apartment getting settled.
Maybe I'll get to take Mom shopping in the next day or two. I might take her children with us to the park tomorrow - if they feel comfortable with me. We'll certainly be inviting them over in the next week or so for friendship and fun. My kids are very anxious to meet them and were rather disappointed that they aren't spending the night with us.
But I am reminded that none of this situation is a surprise to God. He stayed awake all last night and watched over this family as they slept (If they could sleep!) in the airport. He knew they wouldn't get to Michigan until today. He knew they wouldn't be staying at our house. (Thankfully, I didn't know that. And now I have a pretty clean house. We always say we should have company more often, because then our house would be so much neater!)
And He knows how the days ahead will transpire - for us and for them, and for you. Whatever it is you're facing today, I pray you are facing it with the full knowledge that the Lord of the universe is facing it with you. HE is before you, behind you, and beside you. Always.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

Thank you, I needed that today!! I pray you have a nice visit when you finally get to meet.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for that insight, and I see I'm not the only one who needs to learn to trust His plans! As I was loading the dishwasher tonight, I was thinking about the verse that tells us to come to Him as children. And how do our children come to us? Totally dependent! They can't do much anything for themselves, and we're the same way to God. And when we trust Him - his timing, his provision, and his plans - we'll be in much better shape!

luvmy4sons said...

His plan are not our plans...way to roll with punches...and see God's hand in everything! Because He is sovereign.

Cristina said...

Thank you for the encouraging reminder. I definitely feel "alone" in things these days but I am trying to sense more of HIM in each moment.

Alisun said...

Oh not fun a night in a airport. Glad to hear your children can still hang with them at a different time.