Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When I REALLY Wish Negative Was Positive...

It started on Monday.

Just a little.

Everything else was fine. My throat just hurt a bit.

Sleep was difficult Monday night, as my throat was hurting more - even though I had gargled with salt water before bed. (Grandma Peggy's home remedy for sore throats. Which usually works well.)
By Tuesday I was refraining from kissing my kids and was spending more time with the sink and salt water. I also made an appointment with the doctor, figuring I must have strep throat and it would be good to start on an antibiotic and "get well soon."
At bedtime Tuesday I had to tell the kids I couldn't sing bedtime songs. My throat hurt too much. Somehow they managed to sleep without them.
But I? Had another night of fitful sleep. *sigh*
I had my doctor appointment to which I could look forward, though, so I was hopeful I would be better soon.
Then I woke up this morning barely able to do more than whisper. The kids think it's great! Honestly, I kind of like being quiet. At least when the kids yell, "Mom!" from the other end of the house, I have legitimate grounds for not answering. (I've been trying to teach them to not yell across the house to me. I always say, "If you want to talk to me, come to me and talk. Don't yell.") Anyway, I don't think the novelty of my laryngitis is enough to out-weigh the pain I have every time I swallow, or the ache of simply existing.
But I was holding out hope for the doctor's visit.

Was. In the past tense. As in, I am not hopeful anymore.

Because I'm home from the doctor's now.
She took one look in my mouth and said, with a sympathetic look on her face, "It looks viral to me." But she shoved two six-inch cotton swabs down my throat gave me a throat culture to test for strep, just in case. And when she came back she gave me that same sympathetic look and said, "It came back negative."
I whispered, "That means I don't have strep, right?"
"That's right."
"So I just have to wait it out, right?"
*sigh* "OK."

So, there it is. It's a viral infection and I should be feeling better in just seven to ten days. Oh, happy me.
I wonder how long I'll be without a voice. My kids are going to have fun with this one!
I wonder if gargling with salt water is ever going to give me relief. It's quite a disgusting practice and I would rather not do it if it isn't going to help.
I wonder if school supplies are cheaper at Meijer or Office Max. Oh, sorry! That slipped.

Anyway, as I was driving home from my appointment this afternoon I was asking God to show me the blessing in this situation. I know He doesn't waste anything in our lives. No amount of suffering - big or small - goes unnoticed by Him and He uses everything for our good and His glory.
Even my sore throat?
Yeah, I think so. Maybe it'll be in the closeness I'm getting with my kids because they have to be so near to me if they want to hear me. Perhaps I'll finally get into the habit of REALLY thinking before I speak; Is it truly necessary to respond to this, Karen? I don't know, but I trust God.

In the mean time? I really wish I had strep throat so I could just take an antibiotic and feel better in 24 hours. Because this sore throat HURTS!

Anyone have remedies to suggest which don't involve salt water?

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annie said...

ibuprofen & lots of prayer help when my throat hurts.

sending prayers up for you now.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Motrin and rest!!

JanMary said...

(Distant) hugs and prayers.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Girl, I do the gargle thing too. Oh how I dislike getting those sicknesses- not being able to sleep at night messes everything up!

Drinking hot liquids helps, and I go to bed with a lozenger in my mouth to dull the pain and get to sleep.

Hope you aren't down for 7-10 days! Praying for a quick recovery!

km said...

My Dr. suggested gargling with antacid. I have Gaviscon. It was safe to do while pregnant. It numbs the throat a it does to help with heartburn. It's not perfect, but it does provide some relief.

Dakota's Mom said...

I use the Halls Prohealth Defense in the green box when I start feeling that way. It's cut the length of time shorter that I'm down. Hang in there....your Grandma must be talking to my mom too much....that's what she does too!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, goodness, Karen, I am so sorry! That sounds so miserable...praying right now for it to pass quickly.

luvmy4sons said...

I wished we lived closer. I am the queen of strep throat. Not because I get it, but I have sons who LOVED it. One had strep every month for 6 months till we took out his tonsils. Two others ended up with scarlet fever before I took them...I got to the piont though that a good look in the throat and I could tell ya if it was viral or not! I am so sorry. I pray you recover quicker than expected. LOTS LOTS LOTS of vitamin C...and raw fruits and veggies. Hugs to you!

Amanda said...

You poor dear! Salt water is basically only something that helps rid your throat of the excess and harmful bacteria. It is great to do, but it does nothign for pain for relief once the infection is established.
I researched these for you:


You really should read them if you have a sec. LOTS of great info and tips. And click through links...they can help more.

Many blessings-

Cristina said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. That is the pits! The best remedy we have ever found is liquid wild cherry bark, which you get at the health food store. We usually see results in 24 hrs. My daughter had a horrible head cold yesterday and is about 80% better today b/c I gave it to her three times yesterday.