Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Among Friends

You have no idea how over-the-top excited I am!
On March 15 & 16, 2013 my home church is going to be hosting Kathy Troccoli's Among Friends Conference, with special guests Jennifer Rothschild and Dr. Jeanne Porter.

God has used the ministry of Kathy Troccoli to draw me closer to Himself - to make me authentic in my relationship with Him - and I am eternally grateful for what HE has done through her. It is for this reason I am so excited this conference is coming to Michigan. Because I want other women to be drawn close to Him; to hear about and experience hope.

Kathy and her events administrator were at Trinity (my home church) last week sharing their vision for this conference. Listening to them boosted my enthusiasm for what is to come.
Better yet, for who is to come!

I know many of you who read Surviving Motherhood are nowhere near Michigan. But lots of you are! And it is my hope and prayer that you will be one of the who at Among Friends this coming March. Please consider this your personal invitation to come. And if a blog post isn't personal enough, send me your phone number and I'll call you to invite you. Really!

For more more information visit the Among Friends website.


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