Monday, October 29, 2012

God & Details

BTW, Kaira, I moved to the side just for you! *wink*



Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! *Big Smile*

I so loved this one. I love how often I find God in my details and as you said, it's more often just out of love and not to work something grand and glorious in the world (as far as we can tell).

I was a little anxious about spending the $ to replace my floors even though they needed it. When we opened the first package we found the plans to be thin and flimsy and the lip that is supposed to snap the planks together was weak and broke easily so I decided to take them back. God led me to an independent flooring store nearby where I found a much nicer and much better quality flooring for less.

God spoke to me in this like a husband who who knows more about flooring would say to the wife he loves; "Honey, I know you won't be happy with this flooring. Look over here at this flooring. It is much better and you will like it more. I want to get you the one you will be happier with."

Yep! He is SO in the details! What could be better?


Karen Hossink said...

Edie - Yes! HE is concerned about it all. Love, LOVE your testimony!